Tuesday, July 13, 2004


  • If your life has too many turning points,You 're going around in circles.

  • Some people who say, "I'll meet you half way" are bad judges of the distance.

  • If you were perfect you'd understand why I wasn't.

  • Cars may smoke less today, but they drink too much.

  • The softer the head the louder the socks.

  • Just when mothers think their work's done they have a grand child.

  • Some vacations make you feel poor enough to go back to work.

  • Lying is onething but inaccuracy is intolerable.

  • What confuses scientists most are other scientists.

  • If you ignore safety in the workplace , the problem won't go away but you will.

  • COMPROMISE -- Two peole getting something neither wants.

  • Preachers talk in other people's sleep.

  • Loose tongues stretch truths.

  • Written by Gene Mora...typed by ...