Thursday, July 13, 2006

hmm..Depp or watever its official 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2' has created a record for best opening week by earning ard $55 million!
And also I found it UTTER CRAP!!
Keira looks like a boy and Depp acts like both 'boy-girl' combo!
They just cashed on the success of Part-1 and fooled people to watch Part-2 which is nothing but a 'set-up' for Part-3.

WC'06 ended on a high note for me as my favourites in the end got what they deserved, and showed that cup can be won without any superstars and also showcased the power of defensive tactics. Though sad part was Zidane's bizzare act, no matter what was said to him, it was plain stoooopid on his part to end his career like that!!!


Very funny Peter!

I just don't wanna rant abt bomb blasts, kidnappings, terrorist strikes and all.....