Thursday, December 23, 2004


It all started with the lunch I had on monday, ever heard of subzi of "beans+mattar+mushrooms+shimla-mirch", yes my ma have this fancy of cooking all sort of weird combos, sometimes she even cooks "tori-paneer" or "tinda-paneer" or "methi-shimlamirch", but the monday lunch was too weird for me it consisted of all vegetables that I hate, so that left me in bad taste in all ways. In the evening played 7 consecutive games that left me fully drenched in sweat to the innermost of clothing, and remained so till late night.

Woke up with heaviness in head and scratchy throat, but since in the morning, mind is much pre-occupied to reach office on time, so only after some 1-2 hours at work realized the gravity of ailments but it was too late by that time, pain in eyes also started to contribute its share.
Well, in the afternoon had a nice lunch at "Taste of India" with a close friend(Vipul) who was in town for his Visa-appointment at US embassy.

Woke up at 11:30, :-) hahahaahaha....., spent whole day at home.
-- Reading blogs from home are not even as half much fun as compared to from office.
-- In all waking hours, mom gave me lecture....about getting married etc.
-- took a crocin and slept early.

Again there was some pain in throat, so quickly did a consequences-check if I take another day off, and I tell u if once the thought of taking a leave comes in my mind then I always manage to justify the leave; quickly message a friend to tell the boss abt my another leave.
-- watched match
-- checked mails
-- slept
-- checked mails

now feeling fully-fit and all set for tomorrow.

"Iss tez. dhoop mein bhi akele nahi tha main
ek saayaa mere aagey peechay daudhta raha

tanha tere khyaal ne rehne nahi diya "