Friday, March 23, 2007


Ganguly:: "I'm very happy with my performance, you look at my scores (so what if my strike rate was less than 50%), it did very well, my timing was excellent, I'm playing my best cricket...give me back the captaincy"

Uthapa:: "I don't know what went wrong, errr...I was asked to play my natural game, and I obeyed , they changed the rules nobody dropped my catches , I was good but my luck was bad"

Sehwag:: "I did meditation and took medication, and now it is clear that I'm better than Tendulkar; also I set-up the highest ever World Cup score"

Sachin:: "Surely this is most disappointing phase of my career I lost Airtel assignment to SRK and Chawanprash one to AB, now we have this one unplanned extra month in our hands, I'm hoping to make-up for the loses..."

Dravid:: "We played bad cricket, I mean such things happen when you play lot of cricket throughout year I means its a just a bad patch, we should focus on positives of this tournament, we achieved a world record of 413 in WC, also Sehwag is back in form, so I mean life moves on.."

Yuvraj:: "ohhh yaaar, run-out kar diya B!@#C@#$ Dravid ney, nahi SL ki to !@#$% "

Dhoni:: "We tried, I tried everybody tried, I'm devastated so is my under-construction home"

Agarkar:: "Ya, ya, I was selected as bowling all-rounder, but later I realized I'm selected as a batman who can bowl...I'm still confused..., my bowling suffered, my batting suffered, and whole team suffered......, I lasted three full matches without breaking down, and now I bowl just one wide and one buffet bowl per over..."

Harbhajan:: "Sab wrong hai, asaan match mein Anil bhai ko khilatey hai, mushkil mein mujhe aagey kar detey hai, even after playing 200 matches I'm learning to cope with pressure. Doosra daalne ke chakkker mein Pehla bhi bhool gaya...., koi nahi ji, we will win World Cup NEXT YEAR.

Zaheer :: "I'm very badly hurt, I was doing good whole team was doing good, I tried my best, but it was not enough, so I'm back, so at least Isha is happy....."

Patel :: "No comments"

Pathan:: "Thank God, my fitness saved me..."

Sreesanth:: "Dhin-chak..dhin chak....main bach gaya"

Karthik:: ".....please don't sack me...please....."

Sharad Pawar :: “We are happy our team followed the good-old Indian tradition of promoting peace and brotherhood…..Our this loss will help in improving our relationship with Pakistan, SL and Bangladesh which is a good sign for this region”

Chappel :: "When is the next flight to Melbourne dude?"