Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mercury is scaling new heights, and kept us indoor for the weekend, we could only go out on Saturday night to catch 10:40pm 'Superman Returns' show at a nearby IMAX theatre; it was my first movie at any IMAX. And ard 20-25 mins of 3D effects were enough to make me smile :-)

Though not a great movie but it had its moments....... like when Superman saves the crashing plane and places it in a baseball stadium :-) ;
Should not be missed if you liked superman comics once!!

I'm not much for Matrix or LOTRs type movies but definitely 've a soft corner for 'Spiderman' and 'Superman' kinda comics flicks. :-)

On Sunday watched 'Before Sunset' again, and absolutely loved it again!!!

Other movies watched during week::
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs

And movies didn't watch::
Schindler's list and
Final Destination!!


Completed 8 months in alien land..., initially I used to call home daily, and sometimes twice a day, then started calling every alternate day, and gradually brought it down to twice a week!!!
And I just realized in past 2 weeks I called home just two times!!
Each n every time conversation is same, Dad asks about work, Mom inquires about health, and I talk about weather here!!!
Yes, weather has been changing...from foggy winters to insane rains to now fierce summers, but still.......hmmm.....nothing has changed, nothing will ever change!!!