Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm delighted to see myself tagged by Arunima ..atlast got some thing to write :-) ....though I'm sure it'll turn out to be as boring as re-runs of 'krishi-darshan'.
Deleted my orkut profile, was kinda bored of it, and I think its for lot younger generation, as none of my school/college/pg time friend is active there, probably they too have found it boring/kiddish.
Completed 7 years at work :-) ,and I'm happy about it :-)
I feel major factor behind success of LRMB is the major-failure(in terms of mass expectations) of KANK.
If you are following 1993 Bombay blast trials and you've not seen 'Black Friday', then you are surely missing something.
Corruption, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, crime, reservations, terrorism, pathetic health-care, riots, scams, overloaded judicial system etc etc...list of our problems are unending with no solution in sight, things are getting worse from bad.
Common man doesn't want to fight the corrupt system; infact is busy in making his ends meet and rightly so!!

All above mentioned problems are inter-woven, and if one digs further into each of them, why so much corruption/poverty etc etc...The root cause comes out to be is our ever-increasing POPULATION.

Everybody knows this but there is no law for curbing it, and here I feel common man can chip in by following a one-child policy for a better tomorrow, for inheriting a better India to the next generations!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We had a wonderful weekend, probably best since we came here.
And on top of it, I took Monday off and slept whole day :-)
Well, we went to Lake Tahoe, which is exactly 200 miles away from our place, its beautiful and huge, so huge that it can take care of whole America's water needs for 5.5 yrs. !!
I was totally mesmerized by the clarity and color of water, it changes after every few miles, it was green to be begin with then turned sky blue. .turquoise green...purple.. navy blue!!

Will post some snaps soon!

Song playing in my head.....in a loop, and its gonna take a while to change the track ..till then.....

ye nayan darey darey, ye jaam bharey bharey
zaraa piiney do

kal ki kisako khabar, ik raat hoke nidar
mujhe jeene do
ye nayan darey darey ...

Raat haseen ye chaand haseen
par sabase haseen mere dilabar...

aur tujh se haseen,.. aur tujh se haseen tera pyaar
tu jaane na
ye nayan darey darey ...

pyaar me hai jeevan ki khushi
deti hai khushi.. kai gam bhi
main maan bhi loon,.. main maan bhi loon kabhie haar
tu maane na

ye nayan darey darey ...

Came across this wonderful article ..and 200% agree with it except #8.

12 Rules for Marriage

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Recently got these two mail forwards..and they say it all :-)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nothing exciting happening these days, and 3 days weekend did no good as I had to work partially on Saturday and Monday. We had our share of fun in limited time we had.


Weather report of Delhi on the sidebar makes me smile, each time it mentions weather condition as 'HAZE' , I pity their satellite which provides that data :-)
Its not HAZE its pollution of my dearest city :-)


Result of the series looks pretty obvious by looking at the way Younis n Youhana are clobbering English attack.

Also dunno why they've Clarke in their lineup, he is plain useless guy with funny teeth!! Though Broad looks an interesting prospect, time flies I remember once how I used to
really like his dad Chris's and Athey's opening combination.

Treschothick looks out of sorts, may be he should have been made the captain instead of Strauss, or he is paying a price for abandoning India's tour citing first personal n later weird
fitness reasons.


'Least said, soonest mended.'
'Most said, soonest benefited.'
'Least said, soonest benefited.'
'Most said, soonest mended.'

hmmm what’s your pick??