Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We had a wonderful weekend, probably best since we came here.
And on top of it, I took Monday off and slept whole day :-)
Well, we went to Lake Tahoe, which is exactly 200 miles away from our place, its beautiful and huge, so huge that it can take care of whole America's water needs for 5.5 yrs. !!
I was totally mesmerized by the clarity and color of water, it changes after every few miles, it was green to be begin with then turned sky blue. .turquoise green...purple.. navy blue!!

Will post some snaps soon!

Song playing in my a loop, and its gonna take a while to change the track ..till then.....

ye nayan darey darey, ye jaam bharey bharey
zaraa piiney do

kal ki kisako khabar, ik raat hoke nidar
mujhe jeene do
ye nayan darey darey ...

Raat haseen ye chaand haseen
par sabase haseen mere dilabar...

aur tujh se haseen,.. aur tujh se haseen tera pyaar
tu jaane na
ye nayan darey darey ...

pyaar me hai jeevan ki khushi
deti hai khushi.. kai gam bhi
main maan bhi loon,.. main maan bhi loon kabhie haar
tu maane na

ye nayan darey darey ...

Came across this wonderful article ..and 200% agree with it except #8.

12 Rules for Marriage


Anonymous said...

i had a great weekend as well along with you and kanika.

one of the best weekends for me as well. thanks for a great company and a great weekend.

Arunima said...

so many colors of one lake wow!!

i have sung this song on stage. Really love it.

Alapana said...

I had a wonderful weekend too:) by the way i love that song,and i read your post two days back,and have been singing the same song past two days,But its so beautiful,isnt it:)

paddy said...

nice song in ur head . can ya plz tell me whose song is it ...

Stone said...

@Amit:: Thanks for visiting us, and its coz of you we had so much fun, come again :-)

@Arunima:: Yep, thats an amazing lake!!
And u sung that song on stage :-O..I find it tough to even hum at home :-)

@Alapana:: So what you did on ur weekend?? Lots of shopping I'm sure :-)
This song is a CLASSIC, too good.

@Paddy:: This is from the movie 'Kohra', and is sung by great Hemant Kumar.

Prasad said...

hmm.. seems like u had really enjoyed ur weekend.. great.. :)

do post the pictures..

and read those rules for marriage too :P would be useful for me later.. hahaha

Stone said...

@Prasad:: Yep, trip was fun, and surely will post some pics soon :-) , I too loved those rules of marriage and can easily relate to them :-)