Monday, July 07, 2008

As expected it turned out to be best match in recent history. But unexpectedly climax script went wrong for die-hard Federer fans like me; He was supposed to win the title though not easily but in not more than 4 sets.

He was little scratchy in first 3 games of first set, in second set for first 6 games he was back in rhythm but in 7th game some ‘noisy audience’ disturbed his concentration and he handed a easy volley into net and also ended up losing that game and next 3 games to lose the set.

It was hard to choose a winner in 3rd set, and in 4th set again his first serve started to trouble him and at the same time rescued him in 4th set tie-break (also Nadal’s double fault at 5-2 helped), and in final set his first serve TOTALLY deserted him, he also looked little tired n jaded after splitting 12 games, and ended up losing.

In my opinion, he played at least 1 gear below his potential, whereas Nadal is in form of his life and played exceptional tennis.

In all, it turned out to be heartbreaking especially after his French open beating; here he was expected to win, and in spite of not being in his best form he still took it to last set and lost from there.

And on the same day, India lost another final, this time to SL, and again same story; from past so many years either Jayasuriya or Murli or Vaas do something special and this time along with Jayasuriya this Mendis fellow destroyed them.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, turned out to be routine college-romance kind of GOOD movie, with a very very silly ending, though people say there can’t be better end. Huh.

Names in it are really bad or dumb e.g. Rats/Meow/Bombs…..very irritating, and also who calls their parents peachy or pumpkin??

Songs are misplaced, but they are good enough to make you sit through out.