Monday, May 01, 2006

Before I forget I have to write this down.(will capture it soon too)
My heart burns to see my sideburns or non-existent sideburns, through out my life I always maintained normal length, neither long nor short, and now suddenly there r no sideburns.
Lady simply asked my 'how do you like ur sideburns, and I replied short....'wooosh' in one stroke she removed their existence. And I continued the polite smile with 100 khanjars in my heart.

Now, I look like Mithun-da of mid eighties (minus a muffler).


Movies seen
1) The Grudge
2) The Hunting

Movies started but couldn't finish
1) Bunty aur Bubly
2) Pyaare Mohan

3) Darna zaroori hai