Monday, September 12, 2005

Salaam Namaste I'm in review mood.... :-)

well, after many initial hiccups and yes-nos, I managed to watch Salaam Namaste.
hmm, I was not too keen to watch it, but we just wanted to go out n watch "a movie", and by chance got tickets of Salaam Namaste.

I was not keen, bcoz of the promos airing on all channels; seems that producers spent a huge chunk of budget in promotions, Salaam Namaste has been all over media: print, TV, radio or Internet, and I never liked any of promos.
Seriously, promos were a big turn off, specially that one on TV 'Preity-Saif talking abt super-cool-movie'...and crap. bluudy dunno whom they were tryin to fool.

1) Still, I dunno why they named it Salaam Namaste, or y they named the radio station as Salaam Namaste.

2) Or they did it so coz the title score came out to be fabulous, TITLE song is the high point (I'm restraining myself from writing 'only') of the movie, loved the song , the feel, the location, the energy.

3) Saif is better suited as comedian not as main hero, and watching him doing it for long period of time makes him very very predictable.

4) And aren't we sick of watching 'chaddi-showing Saif' in pink t-shirts..(that too baby pink) and his weird hairdos, boss such hairstyles exist in movies only, in real life...NO........WAY.

5) Javed Jafri was a total waste, and highly irritating....eggzactly!!!!!

6) All 'Saif n Warsi scenes' were monotonous, highly predictable, and almost same.......; bluudy chemistry was NOT there between friends.

7) 'End' was again one of the most screwed up I've ever seen. Dunno wat 'small b' was trying to do.

Only thing appropriate was Priety's nickname in the movie.."Ambi".. she actually looked like good old heavy-duty Ambi (aka Ambassbor car).

hmmm….now only one man can change the outcome of Ashes, and the name is Shane Warne.