Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend well spent!!

We had fantastic time this weekend, Wifey's friends from Virginia were here, everything was just perfect from wifey's delicious meals* to 'Tonga'(horse cart for angrezez) ride in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge was as freezing/windy as ever, met some strange characters at Fisherman's wharf; almost ran into a old colleague, but preferred not to say hi ;-)


My favorite team GS Warriors lost again in NBA play offs, they are 1-3 down, and now I don't think they can pull it off from here. Anyways Jazz are a better team!!!


Btw, Happy '39th' Anniversary mom and dad :-) , one reads this , and also I can never say this to my dad :-))

My CEP exam is now less than a month away, so its high time to start studying seriously....that reminds me during school days I had this badge 'Get Serious' 'Get Serious' :-)

* -- specially chaane-ki-daal stuffed allo-tikki were too good!