Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rohtak...the place that transformed me for life...for better.

About the place :: Rohtak.

Rohtak is a town in Haryana, is approx. 70 kms far from north-west Delhi. Well, it got its name from some King Rohtas who ruled it in ancient times, another theory says it got its name from some "Roherra" trees, whatever, its famous for delicious rewari and gazaak made there and exported throughout world(thats what those shop's boards claim)

This place also holds a mention in I'm getting bored writing about the place.

In plain simple words, its a small not-so nice town located in Haryana, can be said political as well as educational capital of Haryana and in the more simpler words, this is the place from where I did my post-graduation (good 2 and half years of unadulterated fun and enlightenment).

Best part of the town is the University Campus.

About the University Campus:: ( Assuming one boards a state transport bus from Delhi ) Get down at University bye-pass that's a T-point actually, look at the east of arm of the T, ahhhh... here it is.....the Maharshi Dayanand University, you can see a gamut of buildings. Ignore the shared-autowaalahs who will literally force u to board their autos and will promise to take u to all, or even non-existent locations, Now since u can seen the buildings so better start walking in that direction, on walking ard 150 metres, there's a gate on the left hand-side, its called Gate no.2, enter through this gate, though usually it remains closed if u r lucky enough u can get the adjacent smaller gate open use that and if both of them are closed, look out for the broken iron-grill on the boundary on the left of the smaller gate....yess that's place to get inside the university..just use this passage...jump inside.

Wow, take a deep breath and move in the direction of University library out from landing your foot into insects and animal/human waste. B-(

University Library building:: The 3 storied building was without any doubt was the best in the university campus. It was a multi-purpose library, a place where conspiracy were hatched, glances were exchanged, followed by stupid greeting was more of a meeting place where you can actually sit and talk :-)

I'm tempted to write more about the building in the minutest of details but I won't coz' there lies the danger of me getting asleep. So I won't.

Just outside, on the right side was the second best place of the campus, called Satnam ka Dhaba aka SKD, we used to spend more time there than at our department, if someone from Mars observed us, he/she surely would have thought of this as our department and our department as SKD. Owner was a sardarji with a "forever worried" look on his face, we used to eat almost all available eatables there and drink tea, tea and tea. Tea and samosas were our favorites as they were the cheapest.

Since I was from college which was heart of the north-campus, always bustling with activities, with 12 months long festive look, and my new campus was totally opposite, calm, life moving at leisurely pace, no traffic, no hustle bustle...just calm, all departments surrounded with huge empty maidaans of size the of football field, occasionally one can spot some rare birds there. I instantly took liking for the place. I had always longed for such calm places where life moved at my pace.

Our Department:: It was on the first floor, sandwiched between second and ground floors occupied by MBA department, of the IMSAR building. On one part of the floor were two class-rooms (large enough to accommodate 30 students), and one not so badly equipped lab. On the other part were 1 huge lecture theatre(shared one), rooms for the faculty and the administration office. And in between was a long compound from there we used to ogle at the girls of MBA deptt.

People who made the place the extra-special were my classmates, they were the most amazing and incredible people I've ever came across in my life. This site will run out of server space if I even try to write about them.