Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well, stage is set for Karachi test drama, now since RP Singh n Zaheer has performed with ball and Pathan performed well with bat n reasonably ok with ball, and karachi track is a sportive one so they have to decide either to go with same 11
or drop one fast-bowler n include Ganguly.
or drop Yuvi n include Ganguly.
or drop Bhajji n include Ganguly.
Well, the reason I'm stressing on Dada's inclusion is that since he stands no chance to be included on ODI team, so Dada ka farewell test to banta hai :-)

Any case, I wonder what goes in the mind of specialist openers cooling their heels in dressing room :-(


2 months completed.… alien land :-)

Missed home: 15,55,200 times.