Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well, stage is set for Karachi test drama, now since RP Singh n Zaheer has performed with ball and Pathan performed well with bat n reasonably ok with ball, and karachi track is a sportive one so they have to decide either to go with same 11
or drop one fast-bowler n include Ganguly.
or drop Yuvi n include Ganguly.
or drop Bhajji n include Ganguly.
Well, the reason I'm stressing on Dada's inclusion is that since he stands no chance to be included on ODI team, so Dada ka farewell test to banta hai :-)

Any case, I wonder what goes in the mind of specialist openers cooling their heels in dressing room :-(


2 months completed.… alien land :-)

Missed home: 15,55,200 times.


Prasad said...

hmm.. even i feel Ganguly would be included.. instead of Yuvi mostly...
lets see..
two pathetic test matches over.. hope the third one yields a result and tht too in favour of us.. :)

Anonymous said...

At last you blogged....Nice to see you back and please post few snaps too......Sonik

Anonymous said...

I am guessing ganguly instead of harbhajan is our best bet as they cant afford to drop a batsmen and take a NON-PERFORMING player in the team especially on a green-top wicket.

I dont see this as Ganguly's farewell,he might get a chance during England series as well,I see no argument in dropping him out of the team becoz this would just start another debate(it would have been different if he would have played and not performed).

India would clinch the series 1-0.

infinity said...

really uninspiring pitch...really boring has stopped making a difference to india(-bengal) whether dada plays or not...write about something more interesting...

Anonymous said...

if it doesnt make a difference then why the hell does the roudy crowd come out on the street and scream against chappell and dravid.

its so unfortunate but true that cricket is given less privilege than a individual there

Pallavi said...

Well see how time flies.. and what else is new besides cricket ? :)

Anonymous said...

Akruti is leaving blogworld,Please stop her,we all can try.dont want to miss her writing:(

Stone said...

@Prasad:: Poor display in final inning, Pakis deserved to win. Lets see how ODI series turns out to be.

@Sonik :: Hi Sonik,haan yaar, will try to write more often, atleast on weeknds, and I don't have a digicam so no photo-shoto.

@Amit:: U guessed it write, it was indeend Dada in place of Bhajji, hmm dunno if dada wud b included for all tests against England, now when Kaif is performing brilliantly in domestic matches, and specialist openers not getting a chance, in such scenario most probably BCCI Will play safe and include dada for first 1 or 2 match and then wait for him to fail.

@infinity:: True, uninspiring pitch, boring pitches, but does that stops us from watching CRICKET, not me atleast :-)

@Amit:: Chill yaar, we need someone like him(dada) to put the blame always ;-) and again thanks for the DVDs :-)

@Pallavi:: yep, time flies, besides cricket lots of stuff to share but dunno when.

@Anon:: Well, let her follow her heart, we should b happy that she is happy and she gave us so many insightful post to cherish.

Anonymous said...

No probs yaar.enjoy the CD

sorry for getting emotional about the ganguly episode.

just expecting too much out of our team and we failed too badly in karachi.

there is still something to play for ....


manuscrypts said...

..and have been counting it too ...

Mirage said...

Tuf luck fr Dada!

oh btw, a question: You stopped missing home the 15,55,201st time!?

hehe just kiddin!

Take care