Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love hurts.

Happy St.Valentine's Day.


Alapana said...

Yes,It does:)

Happy valentines day to you too.

infinity said...

wat gud thing in life duznt?
same to u...
p.s.nothing abt the odi's and a chap called dhoni?

anumita said...

Love heals too :) Me forever the optimist :p

Stone said...

@alapana:: :-)

@infinity:: there r many...hmm..lets leave that for someother time.
hmm emergence of Dhoni n Pathan has infused a new life in the team. Their performances in Test series/ODI made all the difference.

@anumita:: Eternal circle i say...

Arunima said...

we won we won we won

yay and love hurts. I know :-(

but we won we won we won!!

Prasad said...

heyyyy.. we won the series.. :D
thank god my predictions went wrong :)

Sangeeta said...

agree with anumita...hugs

Anonymous said...

yes love hurts... :)

gr8 performance by the team, we are doing an excellent job.

One day cricket is all about allrounders and India has certainly found a few of them.

The biggest change in the Indian team from a year ago and today is pathan, Dhoni, RP singh and not to forget suresh raina.

Last frontier wining a One-day series in Australia.

Parth said...

Dude, I am back and so is Indian cricket (at least in the one day form). Am looking forward to us sealing it 4-1. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Stone said...

@Arunima:: we won.yipeeee 4-1..sounds so good :-)

@Prasad:: yep thank God 'Our' predictions went wrong :-)

@Sangeeta :: :-)

@Amit :: Best part is emergence of Dhoni n Pathan and exit of Dada :-)

@Parth:: Hey great to see u back, it is 4-1 :-)...loved the way Dhoni demolished them.