Thursday, December 28, 2006

-- boss is on leave
-- parking lots are emptier,
-- trees don't have a leave left
-- next-desk colleague 'who-keeps-his-left-eye-on-my-screen' is working from home...
-- office front desk flooded with cookies n chocolates
-- a deadline to meet, but no mood to work.
-- as usual, 'm distracted,
-- thinking about spending next month back home doing nothing :-)
-- Weather Gods are doing some sort of experiment, it drizzles in morning, in noon sun shines at its best, in evening again drizzling resumes, and in night drizzling becomes rain n lots of rain accompanied with high-speed winds making howling sounds whole night..or till the time I sleep.

-- n I'm wasting time,
-- moments of nothingness
Or hmmm...ahhh......dunno.........crap!!!