Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rule# 28

This one is going to be pretty basic one, but I strongly feel that this should be the MOST important of all.

28) Aap ne apne aap ko khush rakhna hai. You, only you have to keep/make yourself happy.

Happiness has always been regarded as an relative entity; each has their own ways of feeling it.
And I say, whatever, what ultimately matters is one's internal happiness, if one is not really internally happy then he/she cannot make others really happy. And finding happiness in others happiness is another farce. It all boils down to every individual; you just have to go ahead and do what makes you happy, and when you are happy only than you can make others happy and radiate happy vibes across.

so bottom line is, aap ne apne aap ko happy rakhna hai. bas.