Tuesday, July 26, 2005

~ G R A F F I T I ~

My wife leads a double life - HERS and MINE.

Jog backwards and get fat.

Running down friends and ducking responsibility is exercise for some people.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Mom-Dad's Srinagar trip turned sour yesterday, a massive bomb-blast took place near their hotel, that broke window glasses of their room. So we asked them to come back; they went there on tuesday noon and came back by wednesday evening.
BTW, on the way to airport mom managed to do some shopping :-) , some ladies suits and bedsheets, yes bedsheets :-))
Lately I've started to feel very very restless, and also have seem to stretch my depressin phases for longer time unlike lately when I used to have extreme mood swings..hitting rock bottom one moment and reaching the sky next moment.
Something is happening to me, dunno right or wrong. I feel out of place all the time.

Mann Yeh bhavraa (of HKA)...has some sort resemblance with Kahoon Kaise Sakhi(of Yahaan).....dunno wat!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Kuch yaad aaya??

Well, it took me 'some' time to write these names but I enjoyed recalling all those serials, and those days.
  1. Dadi ma jaagi
  2. Hum Log
  3. Buniyaad
  4. Udaan
  5. Katha Sagar
  6. Karamchand
  7. Neev
  8. Air hostess
  9. Lifeline/Jeevan rekha
  10. Chunauti
  11. Campus
  12. Sigma
  13. Street Hawk
  14. Indradhanush --- featuring Karan Johar :-)
  15. Malgudi Days
  16. Kakkaii kahin
  17. Fauji
  18. Rajni
  19. Ek Do Teen Char
  20. Idhar Udhar
  21. Khandaan
  22. Kile Ka Rahasya
  23. Kab Tak Pukaroon
  24. Ek Kahani Aur Mili
  25. Honee Anhonee
  26. Ramayan
  27. Mahabharat
  28. Tenaliram
  29. Trishna
  30. Ados Pados
  31. Sanjha Chulha
  32. Dil Dariya
  33. Intezar
  34. Shrikant
  35. Mrignayani
  36. Nirmala
  37. Tamas
  38. Vikram Betal
  39. Ek Dil Hazaar Afsane
  40. Afsaane
  41. Kirdaar
  42. Sukanya
  43. Subah
  44. Heman & Masters of Universe
  45. Giant Robot
  46. Jaime and The Magic Torch
  47. Singhasan Battisi
  48. Aa Baiil Mujhe Maar
  49. Aisa Bhi Hota hain
  50. Daane Anaar Ke
  51. Jamai Raja
  52. Mungeree lal ki haseen sapne
  53. Barrister Vinod
  54. Khazana
  55. Yeh jo hai zindagi
  56. Paying Guest
  57. Wah Janaab
  58. Babaji ka bioscope
  59. Phir wahi Talaash
  60. Basera
  61. Kshitij Yeh Nahin
  62. Byomkesh Bakshi
  63. Chanakya
  64. Kashmakash
  65. Mr Yogi
  66. Wagle Ki Duniya
  67. Bharat Ek Khoj
  68. Chhoti Badi Baatein
  69. Ek Kahaani
  70. Dekh Bhai Dekh
  71. Didi's Comedy Show
  72. Tele-Match
  73. Shanti
  74. Ulta Pulta
  75. Flop Show
  76. Farmaan
  77. Dada dadi ki kahaniya
  78. Mirza Ghalib
  79. Mitti ke rang
  80. Mulla Nasirruddin
  81. Mamaji
  82. Nukkad
  83. Gul Gulshan Gulfaan
  84. Kacchi Dhoop
  85. Pachpan Khambe Laal Deewarein
  86. Kashish
  87. Kehkashaan
  88. Charitraheen
  89. Circus
  90. The Sword of Tipu Sultan
  91. Phool khiley hai gulshan gulshan
  92. Mujrim haazir hai
  93. Stone Boy
  94. Swabhimaan
  95. Isi Bahane
  96. Faster Fene
  97. Thoda Saa aasman
  98. Doosra kewal
  99. Neem ka ped
  100. Bahadur Shah Zafar
  101. Potli baba ki
  102. Jungle Book
  103. PC aur Mausi.
  104. Surabhi.

hmmm....life was sooo simple and uncomplicated in those days.
And TV was a beautiful medium of entertainment,and serials actually had some-story.
..and now some Ekta Kapoor has destroyed everything.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy Monday!

Had some real good time yesterday after sooooooo long;
well, right from Sunday night weather was too good, and on reaching office Monday found that my dear boss will come to work in second half, so suddenly an absolutely brilliant idea struck in my mind, and I left office at 2 ;-)
Reached home early, watched Paheli 5:25 ka show, enjoyed the movie. (Paheli is good movie, absolute visual treat, only SRK can do justice to such movies, can't imagine anyone else portraying his characters. Rani is predictable but a must watch for SRK fans. I must say it was a difficult film to make, difficult emotions to portray but still Amol Palekar n team managed well, Aditi Gowatrikar was absolute smashing in her short very short appearance. )

After movie headed straight to Bercos (though my head is not good terms with Chinese stuff specially shrimps), had absolute delicious food. Then purchased two VCDs, Hazaraaon Khwaahishey Aisi and Cast Away.
Reached home at 10, then watched HKA, HKA is a restless and also a good movie, it is set in political mayhem of late 60s and 70s, I won't say that it is a classic, this movie caters to a very very slim segment of audience , I'm afraid I do not belong to that.

In short, had a fabulous Monday :-)


It rained almost through out night and also raining with varying pace since morning, and in my 42 km drive from home to work, I witnessed 3 accidents, and in each case two-wheeler rider suffered :-( , my opinion Govt MUST start a unit for making good quality helmets and makes a law that one has to wear Govt-made helmets and one has to buy two Govt-made helmets at the time of purchasing a two-wheeler.
And there should be a complete ban on poor quality helmets.

Drive cautiously!!


"Kajra rey kajra rey..tere kaare kaare naina......",every now n then this song is aired on FMs......and I'm sure in coming time this song will become a rage among ......50-50's. ;-)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My wife says .....

I don't listen to her or something like that.....

Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend TV

Federer almost toyed with Roddick, though I knew Federer will win but I'm disappointed by Roddick's attitude on the court, I think he lost the match in his head long before he stepped on the court.

Still, Federer is the best, if not the greatest.
I loved the semis more specially Roddick-Thomas Johansson one, and I favoured Tommy, for becoming first Swede since (my all time favourite) Edberg to reach Wimbledon semis, and also coz' he uses exactly same racket as mine.
Ladies final, the longest in The Championships' history, was much more gripping and was played with visible intensity, though world no#1 Davenport lost but I still feel she is the best player around, her down-the-line shots are unmatched. She is full of determination n grit under her dreamy/detached demeanor.

And also our own Bhupathi along with a-very-fit Mary Pierce won the mixed doubles with ease, it always feels great to see any of these Lee or Hesh winning, even if not together.

England deserved to win the Natwest trophy no matter what, even when 35 were required off 29 balls and Gough-Giles in middle, I was pretty confident abt a famous English win, Gough-Giles played perfectly to the script before McGrath spoiled the party, anyways with this 'tied' match, now one thing is confirmed, Aussies are no longer the undisputed champs.

And full marks to Geraint Jones, he totally justified his selection over Chris Read. In all this tournament belonged to Symonds and Collingwood, these two guys are just brilliant in all aspects of game, and India needs exactly someone like them.
Well, this weekend my blog turned 1.
I never thought I'll be able to post 'posts' for full one year....and now after 105 posts I'm far from being bored from blogging; I started with daily diary type entries and dunno when they become interactive :-)
In other words, I completed one of year of blog hopping and enjoyed each and every minute spent in blogsville.

It was my dad's 60th b'day on sunday, no we guys don't celebrate as such, nor we did anything special, infact I don't talk too much with dad or with anyone else (wifey included) and most of the time when we talk either of us end up irritated, and now sometimes I answer him back, I hateeeeee myself for that. I promise, won't do that again, will keep my mouth SHUT no matter what. I feel guilty for lot many things/ for not doing lot many things, unlike my brothers and sister I'm yet to do anything 'special' to make him proud of me, and trouble is that I know what will make him happy and proud, and that makes my relationship with him bit more complicated, and I end up more frustrated with myself......bas bahut ho gaya...I’m not supposed to be emotional here :-)