Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy Monday!

Had some real good time yesterday after sooooooo long;
well, right from Sunday night weather was too good, and on reaching office Monday found that my dear boss will come to work in second half, so suddenly an absolutely brilliant idea struck in my mind, and I left office at 2 ;-)
Reached home early, watched Paheli 5:25 ka show, enjoyed the movie. (Paheli is good movie, absolute visual treat, only SRK can do justice to such movies, can't imagine anyone else portraying his characters. Rani is predictable but a must watch for SRK fans. I must say it was a difficult film to make, difficult emotions to portray but still Amol Palekar n team managed well, Aditi Gowatrikar was absolute smashing in her short very short appearance. )

After movie headed straight to Bercos (though my head is not good terms with Chinese stuff specially shrimps), had absolute delicious food. Then purchased two VCDs, Hazaraaon Khwaahishey Aisi and Cast Away.
Reached home at 10, then watched HKA, HKA is a restless and also a good movie, it is set in political mayhem of late 60s and 70s, I won't say that it is a classic, this movie caters to a very very slim segment of audience , I'm afraid I do not belong to that.

In short, had a fabulous Monday :-)


It rained almost through out night and also raining with varying pace since morning, and in my 42 km drive from home to work, I witnessed 3 accidents, and in each case two-wheeler rider suffered :-( , my opinion Govt MUST start a unit for making good quality helmets and makes a law that one has to wear Govt-made helmets and one has to buy two Govt-made helmets at the time of purchasing a two-wheeler.
And there should be a complete ban on poor quality helmets.

Drive cautiously!!


"Kajra rey kajra rey..tere kaare kaare naina......",every now n then this song is aired on FMs......and I'm sure in coming time this song will become a rage among ......50-50's. ;-)


Pallavi said...

I like the songs too.. Dheere Jalna Dheera Jalna ... and that deep voice..Khaali hai ... COOL !!

Stone said...

Dheere jalna.. and Juhi Chawla are too good ;-)

Last time made an entry abt this song in May.

Arunima said...

I enjoyed tye movie for the visual treat it was. Somehow I couldn't digest the characters.

liked all the songs though.

umm, I wish I had a monday like yours

Akruti said...

U sure had a wonderful Monday:)and i had a wonderful Wednesday:))) and HKA is my fav,loved it all the way and watched Sarkar,Humtum,Paheli,Parineeta and gosh,i forgot the list now :D

Handa said...

i hated paheli... and luved HKA.. we definitely have different tastes in movies.. i hate SRK flicks normally.

Stone said...

@Arunima:: True, characters were bit difficult to digest but afterall it was a movie based on a 'folk-tale'.

@Neelima:: so m anny movies..u surely havin a great time, enjoy!!!

@Handa:: yep we definitely have diff. tastes in movies.

Liking or disliking a movie has lots n lots to do with one's mood or circumstances at the time of watching the movie.

manuscrypts said...

wonder who's having a break - u or the boss :D