Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well, sometimes work and most of the times laziness kept me away
from blogging, moreover as Indian team is not playing any matches
so ..... :-)
Anyways I'm not interested in SA-NZ series, I find both teams
very very unattractive. And less said abt Aus-B'desh series
the better.
hmm I'm looking forward to Ind-WI and Pak-Eng series.
That'll be a real test for our new heroes.


After we were through with all forms etc, friend who assisted me
in filing tax-returns, now you are officially a 'NRI'.

5 mahine mein NRI, kya bakwaas hai. I hate these rules n
regulations and distasteful terminologies used.


San Francisco
San Leandro
San Diego
San Mateo
San Benito
San Bernardino
San Joaquin
San Luis Obispo

no wonder here people call me 'SAN dip'


Movies watched...

1) Hide and Seek
2) Bandit Queen


The King returns, I would love to see his exquisite cover drives, square-leg flicks again and again..., lets hope this time his captainship brings back the charm in Caribbean cricket.