Monday, December 31, 2007

Ek brahman ne kahaa hai ke ye saal achchhaa hai

Ek brahman ne kahaa hai ke ye saal achchhaa hai

Zulm ki raat bahut jald taleygee ab to
Aag chulhoon mein har ik roz jaleygee ab to

Bhookh ke maarey koi bachchaa nahin royega
chain ki neend har ik shaKhs yahaan soyega

Aandhi nafarat ki chaleygee na kahin ab ke baras
pyaar ki fasal ugaaeygee zameen ab ke baras

Hai yakeen ab na koi shor-sharaabaa hoga
zulm hoga na kahin Khoon-kharaabaa hoga

Os aur dhuup ke sadamein na sahegaa koi
ab mere desh mein be-ghar na rahega koi

Naye vaadon ka jo daalaa hai vo jaal achchhaa hai
Rehanumaaon ne kaha hai ke ye saal achchhaa hai

....dil ke Khush rakhane ko Ghalib ye Khayaal achchhaa hai

-- Sabir Dutt

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Every morning when I open the door to pick newspaper, this view greets me, and after lots of dilly dallying I somehow managed to click it.

Though it is in its last days of fall, but nevertheless it makes pleasant sight.

You deserve......only what you earn!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Here I continue my love for making lists and continue the tradition of listing down BEST/Good/Worst among the movies I have seen this year.

Best - 5

1) Taare Zameen Par
2) Chak De India
3) Jab We Met
4) The Namesake
5) Johnny Gaddar

Good - 5

1) Cheeni Kum
2) Life in a Metro
3) Guru
4) Namastey London
5) Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.

Worst 5

1) Partner
2) Om Shanti Om
3) Saawariya
4) Nishabd
5) Heyy Babyy

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Recipe for happiness...... keeps on changing!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Repeating Mistake….Doubling misery!!

First mistake was to drop him from test-team, and second mistake was to include him again in 20-20 and subsequent ODI series, and now they’ve committed the BIGGEST mistake of all by again including him Australia tour.

They say, it is a risk and everyone is a risk.

Agreed role of an opener is evolving, sometime he needs to play fast, but his primary role remains see the shine off new ball, build a platform from where middle order can further build the inning.

In case of Sehwag, he cannot play role of sheet-anchor, he cannot play defensively, and when he scores run he scores at a good pace, say he scores a quick fifty gets out, and that means still exposing middle order batsmen to new ball.

Agreed his century is different from other batsman’s century but how many time has he done that?

Once or twice??

Life is like........

...playing chess against a computer!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Update..sort of

Well, this week completed two years here.
Journey has been good so far, met numerous new people, and made some good friends.
Before I get carried away, let’s change the topic.

This thanksgiving long weekend we went to Las Vegas, unlike last time when we did some crazy futile mall hopping.
We learnt our lesson then, and planned our trip well in advance.

This was our longest road trip, we started on Thursday morning and reached Vegas by 5ish in evening, drive was a breeze not at all tiring. Though the drive back was a disaster, almost everyone was leaving Vegas on Sunday noon, in 6 hours we covered just 180 miles, and total back-journey took little more than 13 hrs, that is more than 4 hrs normal.

Well, in between, 3 nights (till early morning) were spent in various casinos, and that was some experience, straight-out of fantasy. In fact the whole place bears no semblance to sanity.

Its crazy crazy out there. All casinos/hotels are based on different themes, one where we stayed was based on Egyptian theme, it looked like a huge Pyramid, and inside be it restrooms or elevators…every nook and corner was studded with some form of Egyptian architecture.

All major ones are located on the main street, so rightly called ‘The Strip’, within a stretch of 3 miles; one can see the replicas of Eiffel tower/NY skyline/Brooklyn bridge/Statue of Liberty etc etc.
Inside they all smelt same, that same strange concoction of smoke and alcohol in various forms.

** I started this more than a week back, and forgot to finish, so again finishing it my trademark abrupt manner.

Hmmm….btw, wifey cooks most fantabulous food whenever she is not in talking terms with me.

Don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad ;-)