Monday, September 19, 2005

hmmm...I use hmmm...lot more than I mention here, may b coz I think like this only...hmmmm...
Well, weekend was nice.

** Watched Sarkar on TV, nice movie.
** Watched Sehar on TV, again damn good movie, this Warsi dude can act yaar!!
** Wifey made finger-lickin "kali-mirch" chicken on saturday.
** Larger part of Sunday was spent at Karol Bagh hunting for a B'day gift for bhabhi and for my niece Moozna (my sis's daughter).
** A Princess Barbie doll cost ard 700/- and a lovely white frock costs another 995/-
** Wengers @ CP is still my favorite shop.

and now I'm leaving, have to reach home early, after all today is bhabhi's b'day and she has planned a dinner out.......


Thats me with my nephew (my brother's son) and my niece (my sis's daughter) and when they two meet our home looks like earthquake-hit.

Babbo,me n Moozna