Sunday, August 15, 2004

All about me.

1) I'm lazy.
2) I get bored very easily and very often.
3) I started to write blog just to kill boredom and its a matter of time I'll get bored of this soon.
4) I hate chain mails.
5) My mom thinks I'm finicky about food but I'm not..But I can eat anything that moves and tastes good.
6) I love my titan black dial watch; I have been wearing this since past 14 years.
7) I can sleep for 40hrs at a stretch.
8) I'm a sports freak and a cricket fanatic.
9) I had my first crush when I was in 9th standard.
10) Even today I like girls with glasses.
11) I'm 5'9”..May be bit more.
12) I hate wearing shoes.
13) Again..I'm lazy.
14) I don't like gadgets and sci-fi.
15) I like to sing but people around me don't like to hear.
16) I love kids.... less than age of
my nephew :-)
17) I'll always love him like this.
18) I have many close friends.
19) Sometimes I feel fiercely lonely in crowded places/parties.
20) I cry.
21) Breakfasts r my favorite meal.but hardly get time for it.
22) I don't like to drive very fast.
23) I'm too secretive about certain aspects of my life.
24) I try not to lie. I keep them to minimum.
25) I adore my dad.
26) I'm a night person. Can stay awake whole night doing nothing without complaining.
27) I can be unbelievably rude. And I hate myself for this.
28) My favorite color is white.
29) I'm funny.
30) I do over-analysis of almost everything.
31) One song or another is always playing in my mind (with music off course).
32) I feel 24hrs in a day are too less, there should be atleast 30hrs in a day.
33) I suffer from stage fright. I shake like a leaf whenever required to speak in front of large audience.
34) I take time to open up.
35) I can make people comfortable.
36) I can make people uncomfortable.
37) Like all Geminis , I feel I'm always misunderstood, and I feel its always better to be less understood than misunderstood.
38) I love my friends but I make them feel the opposite.
39) I can irritate people to death.
40) Once I had strong fascination about death.
41) On Saturdays and Sundays I eat only one meal.
42) My friends say I have sarcastic sense of humor. And I think they are right.
43) I'm always full of ideas, forever waiting for implementation.
44) Sometimes I do not feel like going back to home. Sometimes I do not feel like leaving my home.
45) I can drink gallons of coke in day.
46) I like the garlic bread at pizza hut.
47) I always eat onion uttapam whenever I visit south-indian restaurants.
48) Baazecha-e-atfal hai duniya mere aagey.
49) I enjoy my morning tea with atleast two newspapers.
50) Once I used to drink 20 cups in a day but now not more than two.
51) I call myself "Ex-internet user".
52) I'm bad at telling jokes. I screw up the punch lines out of excitement.
53) I've watched more movies outside Delhi.
54) Last one I saw in Delhi was Kal ho na ho on 29th Nov.2003.
55) I made my second train journey after 20 yrs of first.
56) I always have some pending card or phone bills coz of one reason...laziness.
57) My almirahs, drawers are always in great mess. I do not throw away things easily.
58) I do not like using walkman.
59) I hate getting out while playing cricket (specially clean-bowled and run-out).
60) I like Gulzar's work, literary and film-making both.
61) I love winters and fog.
62) I hate dogs and stuffed toys.
63) I don't talk much but I sing a lot.
64) I'm bad in managing money and time.
65) I rarely shop for myself.
66) I'm forever confused about my shoe size, 7 is bit tight and 8 is bit loose.
67) I don't like noisy and crowded places.
68) I like girls with loooong hair and no make-up looks.
69) I cannot imagine myself being married.
70) I do not have any grandparents alive.
71) I make wonderful tea and mind-blowing maggi.
72) My all time favorite song is "Kisi ki muskaraton pe ho nisar...." from film Anari.
73) I hate people who throw all sort of crap (plastic bottles, poly bags, even toffee wrappers) on the roads and crib when roads get clogged in monsoon.
74) I hate people who waste heaps of food and show concern about starvation deaths in Orissa or MP.
75) Politics and religion are not my subjects.
76) I do not listen to music.
77) I always wear gray color undies.
78) I have more red moles on my body than black.
79) I do not drink or choice.
80) Sunil Gavaskar is my all-time favorite sportsperson.
81) I wish to own a SUV, Honda CRV to be precise.
82) I always eat my dinner alone.
83) I've never been stung by a bee.
84) I hate punjabi music.
85) I was suspended thrice from school within a year.
86) I hate my self for hurting people consciously or unconsciously.
87) I feel like a stranger in office even after spending more than a year here.

88) Bungee jumped.
89) I hate washing clothes but I'm good at washing dishes.
90) Mosquitos love the way I taste.
91) I once had a pet tortoise.
92) I used to become very attached to people. hmm I till do.
93) I tend to postpone under the belief that I perfom better under-pressure.