Tuesday, August 28, 2007

As usual Over-Analysis

hmm we lost again, and again the problem was with batting-order, I guess now its time to say good-bye to good ole Sachin-Ganguly opening combination, though did exceptionally well in 150/160 games they opened together.

Actually, nothing against these two guys, they're the very much same, with same techniques, but I guess with age and 'other factors' there is a certain shift in their mindset.

Now they seem to curb their natural aggression, which is again good to some extent but only to some extent, beyond that means unwarranted pressure on rest of team.

It is an open secret that now Ganguly only plays for statistics, so that he can openly boasts that he is the highest run-getter after his comeback but if one digs deeply then its same story he scored runs at the cost of team's momentum, and always in lost cause (or which resulted that way)

But again, like friction, he too is a necessary evil, and cannot be done away that easily, and that leaves with only other option of dropping Sachin to number 4 slot, so that either he or Dravid play till the end.

Like, in all 3 game, India came up with 3 different one-down batsman, they tried to maintain the left-right combination on crease, which sounds good but is good if they make use of it. They simply planned second step before the first. And it'll be bigger mistake if they risk Dhoni as no.3 in next game.

Here's my eleven for next ODI

1) Ganguly - (should bowl 3/4 overs, if needed)
2) Gambhir - (he is a talented guy but a big flop outside sub-continent, he deserves backing and more chances)
3) Dravid - (best batsman should play at no.3)
4) Sachin - (must bowl atleast 4/5 overs, and play till the end)
5) Yuvraj - (and he along with Sachin n Ganguly must bowl atleast 11-12 overs)
6) Dhoni
7) Karthik
8) Chawla
9) RP
10) Zaheer
11) Munaf

If Boney Kapoor can marry Sridevi, Tusshar Kapoor can become hero,and Manoj Prabhakar can become bowling coach of Delhi team, then at least I can blog about cricket here.