Monday, July 06, 2009

5 years of blogging, 1st camping trip, 1st time in pool and other useless 'over-information'

Hmmm.. going for an overnight camping trip was a mistake, with all that heat, crowd and distance it was not worth the effort and preparations.
Alright, that sounded little harsher, ok to put it mildly going anywhere on a long weekend is not a great idea. All roads get choked, it gets chaotic everywhere, and whole purpose of taking a break loses its meaning.

Anyway, we’ve learned our lesson, so next time, we’ll be more careful in deciding the place, time and most importantly company ;-)

Alright when bad camping site and timing was not enough to ruin the mood it got topped by pathetic dinner we had last night at place in Newark, normally I don’t do restaurant reviews and all but this time I’m forced to pass a judgment, it was so pathetic that it made me sick. Anyways‘ll restrain from taking names.

Oops, time to stop negativity now, alright, brightest side of the weekend was King Federer’s sweet victory over Roddick, I woke way early than my normal time so that I don’t miss a point, and wifey overslept to glory and got up just in time to see that epic final set. That kind of made me look like a fool, but that’s ‘so’ her ;-) ..

Also on positive side, after years of deliberations/contemplations/considerations I took the plunge (sounds so cheesy or cliché-isque) in the pool, yes at last enrolled for swimming classes, so far they are fun. Making progress everyday, but a lot needs to be deserved, so trick is to spend as much time as possible in the pool, after all one cannot make omelets without breaking the eggs.

Also in past week, I completed 5 years of blogging, though I’m not a very regular blogger but actually never ever deserted this place, it all started with an extended streak of boredom at work and now after 5 years here I’m still bored but little less. There aren’t many posts here lately and posts from Sept 08 to Feb 09 miraculously* disappeared from here also made this place look stale n deserted.

I want to thank each and everyone who ever passed through this blog, especially to friends mentioned on the sidebar, they all are amazing writers and amazing people, and inspiration to keep this place going. Thank you guys.

*there are no miracles in blogger’s park, actually wifey deleted those during one of our routine fights :-)..pretty creative huhh...:-) , and now if you’re wondering that why the hell I share my password with my wife then either you’re not married or it’s going to happen with you very soon ;-) , …… alright lets say we know each other’s password so that we can check mails n stuff in case of some emergency and all…oh yeah that’s the standard excuse ;-)