Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Music Theory

Music we choose to listen at different times reflects our inner-self.
And I think it usually follows a sine-wave kind of pattern;

Like when one is temporarily happy or is temporarily high on something, prefers to listen to so-called ‘peppy’ numbers in which it is mostly the loud-music/beats or rhythm that dominates, which immediately puts them in a party-sort-of environment whereas when one is feeling temporarily low then one wants to take solace in soft numbers where they focus on words being said rather than the music, numbers that transforms them into dim-lit settings, 100% alone.

Now comes the other half of the sine-wave, my personal favorite analysis actually; when one is sad deep-down inside and wants to fool oneself into being in a happy state, one tends to mask that again with loud, so-called peppy numbers; the moment loud music stops they start another one just to temporary forget something , so to mask something.

On the other hand, people who resort to soft numbers, slowly relishing the ‘sound’ of each word said, intoxicating themselves in the meanings/thoughts/imaginations of the words – are more happy and contented. It’s the magic of words, the aura they create is so beautiful that it transforms one in an euphoric state, it create some kind of divine connection which is impossible to define.