Thursday, October 13, 2011

Season of sadness

Season of sadness, or not; may be uneasiness.

My favorite celebrities/intellectuals/artists have left us in past few days/weeks; it started with Shammi Kapoor, Tiger Pataudi, Steve Jobs, and then Jagjit Singh, and now Dennis Ritchie.

It would be juvenile to even attempt writing a post about any of these stalwarts, especially about Mr.Jagjit Singh, that’s unimaginable.

And now as I heard about Dennis Ritchie, I again experienced a sense of personal loss, I’ve spent more than half of my life sitting in front of a computer writing silly programs.

It all began with BASIC/FORTRAN then PASCAL/COBOL etc etc, after that I was introduced to a book by “Kenningham and Ritchie”, it was introduction to C language and all.
That along with their other ‘invention’ UNIX operating system changed my whole perspective towards all that boring programming and all and that eventually shaped my future, and life.

Thank you chief, RIP.