Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another one on Cricket

No I won't be watching any movies in weekdays from now, may be will watch one or at most two on weekends only. Btw howz this 'Beneras'? any idea?? ;-)

Again a major top-order failure, this has been a routine since Pakistan tour, but each time one player (mostly Dhoni/Yuvi/Pathan/Dravid) wins the match and that covers for the failures of others.

As I said earlier, where is the batting bench strength??

hmm..I feel Chappell’s policy of giving repeated chances to players is giving wrong signals to the senior guys like Sehwag n Kaif,

This policy has done a wonders for youngsters like Sreesanth, Raina and RP Singh but for seniors its not working.

Remember, Gambhir was dropped coz he was not able to convert is 20s n 30s to something big.

So, its high time Kaif n Sehwag should be dropped...but question remains where is the batting bench strength? :-)


Just read on cricinfo that, Afridi has announced retirement from test cricket :-)
He says he wants to concentrate on ODI only, is he serious or its just another gimmick, only time will tell.

I think he is following the footsteps of Imran and Miandad(who took retirement a number of times only to make comebacks :-).

His love with Pakistan's captainship contender Younis Khan is an open secret :-)… so it won't surprise me a bit if he too is nursing ambitions of captainship.