Monday, January 26, 2015

Rule# 88

88) Seek out your next challenge, only overcoming challenges changes us.

Right after I wrote this, something happened in my head, and I delved deeper to find why I wrote this.
So, (in my case at least) what happens is when you reveal your fears to people who are close to you, and in most of the cases they accept you ‘along with your fears’ and that very moment ‘those fears’ become permanent in your mind.
All this sounds pretty normal and harmless, even sounds good that close friends accepting your fears and flaws, but it also does a damage which can go a long way. So if someone confides their fears to you then definitely respect them but not in a way that they makes them stay that way (i.e. live with their fears forever) but in a way that encourages them to face and overcome them.
And when you are the one with fears then only way out is to face them.