Thursday, September 30, 2004

Forced Life.....

Its lil past 6 in my watch as well in sys-clock, planned work for the day is done, and view from desk doesn't make a very healthy sight, 80% people are still there with their eyes on monitors, some having 'there-is-no-tomorrow' looks , some having expressions as if they are watching some horror flick and obviously some fake looks.

Recently I got shifted to this floor, its a huge well-lit hall with capacity of around 135+ people, everybody having their name-plate mounted over the small pin-board in front of them. Luckily I sit at left-most-corner, so I can see whole sea of people from here.

I was just wondering, how many of these people are doing work of their liking, or are just working to get next salary, and before delving into others lives, I threw this question to myself.

Am I doing the work of my liking? i.e. sitting in a corner writing code / fixing bugs.
This is infact a tough one to answer...hmmmm....there are so many needs or habits which I've "cultivated" over time, so have to earn money to meet the "earned" needs {just got cc bills B-( }.

At times everything seems to be "Forced"...

1) have to get up at 6:30; whether i like it or not.
2) have to perform morning ablution; whether I feel like or not.
3) have to leave home by 7:30,so that can reach at work by 9:10; whether I want or not.
4) have to work on this "technology"; whether I enjoy it or not.
5) have to fill up the daily task report sheets; whether I feel like filling or not.
6) have to wait for a friend to finish his work; whether I like it or not.
Usually reach home around 10-10:30.
7) have to eat the dinner within 5 minutes of entering home {coz mom-dad start their lecture on eating-on-time/sleeping-on-time B-( }; whether I'm hungry or not.
8) have to sleep utmost by 12 ; whether I'm sleepy or not.
9) go to point 1)

Waise, deep down inside I know what I enjoy doing / love doing but not to the extent of making a living out of that, or may be I've not tried it till now coz I'm busy fulfilling "cultivated/earned" needs.

My days will come, sooner or later but for the sure. I'm confident.