Monday, June 13, 2005


Well, weekend was veryyyyyy hectic but fun! I watched Parineeta on sunday afternoon and liked it immensely.It is a must watch, a very well made adaptation of novel by Sarat Chandra Chatterjee, each n every scene carries the story forward. I can't think of even one faltu ka scene.
Mr.Chatterjee I mean Mr.Sarat Chandra Chatterjee wrote this novel in 1914, good 13yrs after his first novel Devdas. There is striking similarity in the characters of the both novels, social-set up is also almost same, (well my views are based on the film-adaptations of both novels). Haveli culture, close-knit neighbours, grown-up adult good 'friends' who can visit each other's house at any hour, jealously etc.

The character of main protagonist 'Lolita' is so strong and gripping, and the way Vidya Balan portrayed it, makes it lot more charming. Though she is a brilliant actress who speaks with her eyes, at the same time I do not see her future in the mainstream cinema, simply I cannot imagine her doing routine masala cinema, running around the trees, doing item numbers etc. She can be clubbed with Konkena Sen type of actresses.

Only blemish was casting of Sanjay Dutt, he was a total misfit for the character he played and also Rekha in a dance number. Chhotey Nawab is improving definitely with leaps and bounds.

In short, pleasant music, a brilliant storyline, meticulously done by Pardeep Sarkar and Vinod Chopra.