Tuesday, December 19, 2006

same day dekh kar kari badhi bhool :-(

Ravi Chopra should be banned from industry immediately, seriously I feel he should seek career in something like event management rather!!

Kabul Express, -- a mediocre documentary movie, made with sole purpose of exposing Pakistan's much maligned dual-policies.

During whole movie, I mistook Salman Shahid for Goofy Paintal :-(
There is absolutely nothing to write about the movie, it was just plain documentary, that’s it.

Yes, this place revolves ard , bollywood and cricket :-) at least these topics keep it going.
Lately work and other commitments kept me away from it, and our team's performance post-WI tour contributed a lot.

Now at last, some good news flowed, first win in SA, and justice being delivered in Jessica Lal case, and loved the way Judges quashed arrogant Jethmalani's arguments.