Tuesday, December 19, 2006

same day dekh kar kari badhi bhool :-(

Ravi Chopra should be banned from industry immediately, seriously I feel he should seek career in something like event management rather!!

Kabul Express, -- a mediocre documentary movie, made with sole purpose of exposing Pakistan's much maligned dual-policies.

During whole movie, I mistook Salman Shahid for Goofy Paintal :-(
There is absolutely nothing to write about the movie, it was just plain documentary, that’s it.

Yes, this place revolves ard , bollywood and cricket :-) at least these topics keep it going.
Lately work and other commitments kept me away from it, and our team's performance post-WI tour contributed a lot.

Now at last, some good news flowed, first win in SA, and justice being delivered in Jessica Lal case, and loved the way Judges quashed arrogant Jethmalani's arguments.


manuscrypts said...

in the event space, he'll have the barjatyas for competition!!

Arunima said...

what a time for Ganguly to come back nai? Nobody is performing so no fingers will be raised.