Thursday, December 07, 2006

4 days, driving 1400 miles and covering :
  • Disneyland
  • LA Downtown
  • San Diego Sea World
  • Santa Monica State Beaches
  • Hollywood Universal Studios

Will update the photoblog soon!


Parth said...

Sounds like a cool trip. That area has a lot to see for tourists.

sandy said...

1400 miles!
Guess its worth it! :)

Came thru link in another blog

manuscrypts said...

hehe..after sharon and oliver, hollywood now has a new stone!! hollywood truly stoned!!

Stone said...

@@Parth:: Yep, it was a cool trip. Hmmm.....but is too crowded.

@@Sandy:: Yes, it was worth all the trouble :-)
Thanks for dropping by.

@@Manuscrypts:: Ahhhh...Sharon, kya yad dila diya...back to 'basics' ;-)

shub said...

arrey match dekha? aur Sreesanth ka dance? :))

Stone said...

nope match nahi dekha, I'm following it ball by ball on cricinfo :-)
And Sreesanth ko youtube par dekha tha :-)