Friday, July 30, 2010

Rule# 1

1) Turn on the music as soon you turn on the engine.

Friday, July 23, 2010

..continued from last post!

How come everything amazing is happening to you?

How come you are doing best-ever project ever possible at… world’s place of work?
Mujhe to parking spot bhi dhang ka nahi milta.

How come you’ve you got amazing colleagues, and a fantastic boss?

And I’m deleting the next guy who updates his/her status about Inception.


Interesting things are happening in cricket, like Murli taking 800 wickets, I mean EXACT 800, kam na zyaada but exact. Kuch to gadbad hai boss, otherwise Ojha would have ran himself out or fell on the wicket (on some other bowler’s delivery) or handled the ball, or obstructed the field to get out. . Kuch to gadbad hai boss.

Now my gut feeling says, India is going to win next one, that too very easily ;-)

Also, I think now Yuvraj must be the happiest person after SL’s win ;-)

Another interesting fact, now after Murli’s retirement, Harbhajan is the next highest wicket-taker in test-matches among the current active ones. I’m not counting Ntini or Vaas as active anymore.

So Afridi retired ( again)..But didn’t he say he will retire after Headingly Test, but PCB immediately declared Butt as new captain and even dropped from Afridi from team for Headingly Test.
Strange are the ways of PCB.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Dear FB Friends –

1) Please stop this stupid WC soccer madness, I don’t want to know why you support Germany and hate Spain.
Stop this once in 4 years fake loyalty drama.
If you are really so much into soccer then please name just 3 players of current Indian Soccer Team.

2) Stop giving sermons on how one should live their lives. Please.

3) And most importantly, if you want to say something than go ahead say it loud and clear; please stop using your status messages as cryptic messages for someone. Or better use email.

Thank you.

To be continued….

Wednesday, July 07, 2010 the way, last week this blog completed 6 years of it's existence. will return to it some day, yeah down , but not out yet!