Thursday, July 21, 2005


Mom-Dad's Srinagar trip turned sour yesterday, a massive bomb-blast took place near their hotel, that broke window glasses of their room. So we asked them to come back; they went there on tuesday noon and came back by wednesday evening.
BTW, on the way to airport mom managed to do some shopping :-) , some ladies suits and bedsheets, yes bedsheets :-))
Lately I've started to feel very very restless, and also have seem to stretch my depressin phases for longer time unlike lately when I used to have extreme mood swings..hitting rock bottom one moment and reaching the sky next moment.
Something is happening to me, dunno right or wrong. I feel out of place all the time.

Mann Yeh bhavraa (of HKA)...has some sort resemblance with Kahoon Kaise Sakhi(of Yahaan).....dunno wat!!!