Thursday, July 21, 2005


Mom-Dad's Srinagar trip turned sour yesterday, a massive bomb-blast took place near their hotel, that broke window glasses of their room. So we asked them to come back; they went there on tuesday noon and came back by wednesday evening.
BTW, on the way to airport mom managed to do some shopping :-) , some ladies suits and bedsheets, yes bedsheets :-))
Lately I've started to feel very very restless, and also have seem to stretch my depressin phases for longer time unlike lately when I used to have extreme mood swings..hitting rock bottom one moment and reaching the sky next moment.
Something is happening to me, dunno right or wrong. I feel out of place all the time.

Mann Yeh bhavraa (of HKA)...has some sort resemblance with Kahoon Kaise Sakhi(of Yahaan).....dunno wat!!!


Anz said...

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Parth said...

Glad to know your parents are ok though. By the way, have you head 'Naam Ada Likhna' from Yahaan. I am completely hooked to that song right now

Stone said...

Ya, they reached back safe n sound. Thanks.
And exactly same here, me too TOTALLY in love the song "Poochey jo koi mere nishaani...rang hi rang likhna...gore badan pe...." :-)
Another thing first Haazarraon Khwaisein Aisi, then Parineeta and now Yahaan , Shantanu Moitra is making his presence felt in a GRAND way.

shub said...

yow! bad luck for ur parnets, or shud i SAY GOOD! :)

Mirage said...

Jeez thts terrible! Thank God your folks are fine!
Btw cheer up man! :)

BoyJoy said...

Thank God your Mom and Dad are fine - what yaar - tu bhi - unko jane diya Srinagar. And Come on - i am sure you need a good party at pearl's to cheer up :)

manuscrypts said...

must be the rains :(

Nupur said...

Hope ur parents are feeling okay. This is soo crazy... bluddy bombs exploding everywhere! What is the world coming down to...!

Take it easy... take a break... pamper yourself with a spa or something. :)

Arunima said...

once, a bomb blasted behind my mom's bike. She had a narrow escape. It killed many people in front of her eyes.

Sorry for teh wasted trip but thank God! they are safe.

As for your moodswings. You know something is wrong. Try to work on it. Relax!!!!!!

now, I know why you couldn't connect my post :-)

come and read my reply

Anonymous said...

thank GOD, uncle aunti(ur mummy papa) are fine. J & k is not fine,u relax and dont get tense, Pearls mein chalenge when i come over in august

Stone said...

Hi Frendz, it feels so nice to have so many caring friends around, thank you soo much!!!

Pallavi said...

Thats scary.. good to know that they are safe and ok..

anumita said...

At least she managed some shopping on her cut-short-to-one-day holiday.

Stone said...

@Pallavi:: yep they returned safe n sound with two "petis of apples" :-)

@Anumita:: hmm....but i'm still kinda sort, they deserved a longer holidays.