Tuesday, July 26, 2005

~ G R A F F I T I ~

My wife leads a double life - HERS and MINE.

Jog backwards and get fat.

Running down friends and ducking responsibility is exercise for some people.


Anonymous said...

LOL@ 1,2.
and 3rd is very true.

Handa said...

good ones :)

manuscrypts said...


Pallavi said...

like the one about the double life :)

Sangeeta said...

Yeah! for a minute i thgt she is a spy or something!

Nupur said...

:) I know some who lead more than 2 lives!

Stone said...

anon:: is that u Amit?

handa, manuscrypts:: :-)

Pallavi:: and thats true too :-)

Sangeeta:: :-)

MissNupur:: Kaun hai woh?? :-)