Monday, April 28, 2008

When I disclosed to my friends here that I’ll be going to India in May, they all collectively gave those ‘are you mad’ kind of look. They suggested in nice manner that May won’t be the good time to be in Delhi, and it’s much nicer in Feb or March.

Only thing, I can say to them is I’ve spent my whole life in Delhi, and I’m fully aware of each and every day of season there, forget about any particular month. I know its going to very hot, it will tough to adjust from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Celsius but so what.

They are right in their opinion, but when thoughts of going home cross my mind, every other thing becomes trivial, so what if its going to hot, so what if we won’t be able to visit Jaipur as we planned after watching Jodha Akbar. So what.

And now as flying date is approaching, kaam utna hi badhta ja raha hai, jitna ki mera kaam na kar ney ka mann.

Mann bhi badi ajeeb cheez hoti hai.

Only low point of whole planning is that, I’ll be flying back from India on my birthday. Just imagine it’s your birthday, and you are busy with last minute packing, and in evening leave home.

That excitement of going home led to this blunder.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hamid Manzil, Rampur Raza Library.

If you have slightest of interest in calligraphy, old and rare manuscripts then this is a must visit place. And for new manuscrypts , this is the place.

One distinct feature of this building is it's architecture, all 4 floors of surrounding minarets have 4 different styles.

Although I don’t have any such interest, but in Feb last year, we stopped there on our way to “Golu Devta Temple”, Almora.

Ahh, now don’t ask me, why suddenly after more than a year I’m talking about this, coz’ even I don’t know :-)


My very-short-attention span and multi-tasking disorder is hitting new lows. Be at work, or at home, I find myself juggling between at least 3-4 things. For example, while eating lunch/dinner, there should be something to read, old new paper, new news paper or any damn printed material, TV should be on, and when that becomes boring, TV goes on mute, I switch on some music and that’s also the time to make/take some calls.

Now I’m bored.


Bas 5 din 6 raatein aur and phir I N D I A.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

M (38-40) – is tight.
L (42-44) – is loose.

Why don’t they make size (40-42)??

So play off dream ended, and there’ll be questions why Baron was rested for whole second half in last crunch game. But I think Nelson was right in his judgment.

Anyways, Dubs overall improved a lot, lets hope they do better in next season, and take good care of Monta, he is too precious to be lost.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


"O sajniiiiii
seeneeey seyyy...
lag key tu
oneeeeeeeey dey...."

and yesterday it was
"teri aankhon mein hai halka sa nasha....."

......playing in my head infinite loop.

** Updated photoblog after a long time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

And if I don’t post this, then it will become 79th un-finished post resting in my outlook’s draft folder.

Well, as usual nothing much to say, but yes I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time(read two days); in fact for clock to strike 5, to be precise.

But right now it’s well over 5:30 but I’m still in office, though I stopped working a 2 in anticipation of 5pm, but …..IDE on my machine crashed. As I’m writing this from office machine, and two feet away my machine is making tired sounds as I’m re-installing Visual Studio and plethora of other things on it.

To cut the long story short, today is THE GAME and Warriors MUST win today to remain alive for play off spot. Though play off spots should have been decided by last Sunday but Nuggets lost 2 games under .5 teams, and that kept Warriors alive. Now its up to Warriors to step-up and make most of this opportunity.

Warriors with 47-31 are tied at 8th spot with Nuggets, now those first six consecutive games they lost, and those six losses against Timber wolves/Bulls/Hawks/Bobcats/Clippers/Grizzlies are proving to be decisive factor for a play off spot.

Let’s hope they win today. I’m nervous.


Update – They've lost 105-114, so now they 99.9% out from play off race, and Mavericks won against Jazz, and ‘ve made to play offs.

Hmmm…… tough luck Warriors.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

For next one month I don’t want to do anything which I don’t like …err lets make it to next 1 week, ok alright final at least next 2 days.

After attending every other meeting, only thing that comes to my mind is -

“Barbad-e-Gulistan karne ko bas ek hi gullu kaafi tha,
Har shakh par ullu baitha hai anjaame gulistan kya hoga”

And my ALL other Indian colleagues here don’t speak hindi, so making them understand this urdu couplet is an another issue.

Uff. Frustrations. Frustrations Frustrations