Monday, April 28, 2008

When I disclosed to my friends here that I’ll be going to India in May, they all collectively gave those ‘are you mad’ kind of look. They suggested in nice manner that May won’t be the good time to be in Delhi, and it’s much nicer in Feb or March.

Only thing, I can say to them is I’ve spent my whole life in Delhi, and I’m fully aware of each and every day of season there, forget about any particular month. I know its going to very hot, it will tough to adjust from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Celsius but so what.

They are right in their opinion, but when thoughts of going home cross my mind, every other thing becomes trivial, so what if its going to hot, so what if we won’t be able to visit Jaipur as we planned after watching Jodha Akbar. So what.

And now as flying date is approaching, kaam utna hi badhta ja raha hai, jitna ki mera kaam na kar ney ka mann.

Mann bhi badi ajeeb cheez hoti hai.

Only low point of whole planning is that, I’ll be flying back from India on my birthday. Just imagine it’s your birthday, and you are busy with last minute packing, and in evening leave home.

That excitement of going home led to this blunder.


~nm said...


So when do we get to meet you? It s been so long since we last met. Approx. 5 I right?

Arunima said...

what else then?
enjoy the heat! Enjoy Delhi!

Ghar ghar hota hain. There will be more birthdays so, it's ok. Next time plan well.

Cuckoo said...

Great !! I am also a big fan of Delhi... my Delhi. :)

Doesn't matter when I go there. BTW, at present Delhi is much cooler than Mumbai.

Couldn't plan your return journey well ?

Stone said...

@@~nm:: Its been more than 5 yrs. Yes, I'll get in touch once I'm back.

@@Arunima:: ohh yes,ghar ghar hota thats sounding like TV serial name :-)

@@Cuckoo:: You know what, I'm obsessed with saddi dilli, can't help it. Im more in sync with news of Delhi than local news here.

Metamorphosis said...

Wish I could be home whether summer or winter! As you say, who cares!

shub said...

So...reached and settling in?! :)
and you watched ASOKA? you WATCHED ASOKA? HOW? WHY?!!!!

Stone said...

@@Metamorphosis:: Take a vacation :-)

@@Shub:: You know what I saw that movies just for the songs, but it was not worth it. Pathetic movie.

infinity said...

mann badi ajeeb cheez hoti hai...
how true...and dont worry about the birthday and all, the calendar is just an arbitrary human creation...and so is the birthday...whats important is that you'll get to be home (even if it is hot as hell in delhi already)...

anumita said...

Home is home, hot or cold! Have fun!