Thursday, May 31, 2007


Cheeni kum hai,Cheeni kum hai
thodi thodi
tujhe mein hai kum
kum kum
hai kum kum


dheere dheere, haule haule,
dur dur hogi problem
o humdum

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


--- I'm a sports freak, though don't play as much I'd like to but still watch any damn sport they show on TV, ohh Golf plz, and my current obsession is NBA play-offs, first I was cheering for the local team Warriors, after their loss in Semis to Jazz, I'm hooting for Spurs to win Western Conference finals. That doesn't mean I miss Piston-Cavaliers’ action :-)
At times, delve too much and start discussing time-out strategies with wifey, someday I'm sure she'll break TV or my teeth or both!

--- managed to to catch some French open action before rain washed away the day, game between huge Serena and petite Pironkova, Pironkova ranked 95 fought hard for each and every point, and her forehand was fantastic, I guess she was lil low in stamina and that cost her the match.
Well, to someone who grew up watching Martina-Chris Evert contests, with occasional Pam Shriver or Gina Garrison thrown-in, this was an eye opener, man this game is changing so rapidly.....anyone can beat anyone!!!
Anyways my money is on Justine Henin lest some Russian babe derails her, though I sorely miss heartbroken Kim Clisters, and wanna write more about her but..... but ...wifey reads this blog :-(

--- in men's section, would like to see Baghdatis or Davydenko to spoil another Nadal/Federer party!

--- Ahh another nice guy bows out, may be just like Lehmann he too born in the wrong era!

--- Last night a family friend visited us for a 'planned' dinner, but his wife ended up cooking, while I enlightened him with intricacies’ of Basketball.

--- Well, wifey’s birthday is approaching fast, though to girls most useless gifts (flowers/teddy bear eeksss...) makes most likeable ones, I always advise people to go for them, but in own case as usual ‘m clueless, what to do….jewellery/fragrances/shades/literature…. ahh this world is too materialistic B-(

--- See, in this whole post, I didn’t mention a word about cricket :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I’ve this feeling that Yousuf Yohana aka Mohammad Yousuf will hang his gloves pretty soon.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend well spent!!

We had fantastic time this weekend, Wifey's friends from Virginia were here, everything was just perfect from wifey's delicious meals* to 'Tonga'(horse cart for angrezez) ride in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge was as freezing/windy as ever, met some strange characters at Fisherman's wharf; almost ran into a old colleague, but preferred not to say hi ;-)


My favorite team GS Warriors lost again in NBA play offs, they are 1-3 down, and now I don't think they can pull it off from here. Anyways Jazz are a better team!!!


Btw, Happy '39th' Anniversary mom and dad :-) , one reads this , and also I can never say this to my dad :-))

My CEP exam is now less than a month away, so its high time to start studying seriously....that reminds me during school days I had this badge 'Get Serious' 'Get Serious' :-)

* -- specially chaane-ki-daal stuffed allo-tikki were too good!

Monday, May 07, 2007


These angrezes have a strange bemmari of shortening names, of males only.
Stephen becomes Steve, Timothy becomes Tim, James (hell which already is short) becomes Jim, Mathew becomes Mat, Michael -- Mike, Donald -Don.

There is this something abt them to shorten every male-name to 3 or 4 letter word. May be coz thats easy to speak but sometimes it becomes funny here in our office between all these Tim Toms Jim Don etc.., surprisingly females always have longer names and they prefer same however long they are. In fact females don't like their short names, trying calling Elizabeth just Beth or Jess to Jessica and see what I mean.

Its ok as long as this trend is limited to them but when they start renaming desis it start to sound weird...Jagadish becomes Jag, agreed their tongues can't bent that way to pronounce it right but still....its lil difficult to associate K.V.S.Pondhaisamy with Sam or Pon.

Also I hate it when desis live their fantasies of changing their names :-) , I know a lot of desis working in nearby Dominos with name-badge identifying them as Dave,Tez,Dez,Pete etc in reality they are Devinder,Tejinder, Preetam, Deepak etc.

Places I want to visit::

1) Calcutta
2) Venice
3) NY
4) Pune
5) Lansdowne

-- I always feel like taking a long break after every meeting I attend.

-- I get very restless if I don't know the solution of a problem, and the moment I figure out solution I lose interest and don't feel like implementing it.