Friday, September 17, 2004

Whose blog is this anyway??


Its my space.

Idea behind starting this was write down all which can't be said..or lost somewhere in the maddening day to day life, idea was to have some meaningful dialogue with myself, idea was to hit myself..hit hard.
Still..I don't feel bad about it, its me.

I'm a restless soul, there is sssoooo much going on and on in my mind and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep a track on everything.

So many things are scattered around and but I'm not going to put them in place....if I do that then I'll lose myself.

I want to write about lots of about lessons learnt during 5 years @ work, lessons not learnt during 5 years @ work. Basically everything about the last five years. How the life of a 23 years old guy changed and changed like anything...gains/pains..., and after 5 years, reality check tells me that I'm 28 now. 28 yes 28., and I don't remember how it felt like being a 24/25/26 year old, time just flew past while I was fixing some code, and traveling in the buses of delhi. I was 23 yesterday and suddenly I realize I'm 28 today, and numbness of the years spent between make me feel OLD or ancient. One moment young moment OLD.

Waise I know, its all in the mind, but still...certain things become difficult if not impossible when age is not on ur side.

kal na main itana bura tha kya hua
tera dil bhii aainaa tha kya hua

zindagii mein mod kitane aa gaye
ye to sidhaa raastaa tha kya hua

ye imaarat aaj kyun viraan hai
is jagah par ek Khuda tha kya hua