Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dunno WHY?

Dunno Y watever work I do here becomes 'super-critical' and 'super-duper urgent'.

Dada is in again, dunno Y? Do they have place in Playing XI? or to accomodate him they can drop Gambhir n ask Yuvi/Dhoni/Pathan to open the inning. In any case Dada's inclusion will put unnecessary pressure on Gambhir/Jaffer/Yuvi/Laxman/Dhoni/Pathan :-) that’s more than half of team :-)

Best solution is to ask Dada to open, or in worse case play him in all matches in any position.... his career will automatically end :-)

Weekend update:

went to a temple at Livermore.
went to a weird place called 'Mystery Spot' near Santa Cruz.
went to Santa Cruz beach.
went to San Francisco downtown, Golden Gate etc.

hmmm..looking forward to another weekend :-)

Thursday, December 22, 2005 last Dada is down and out hopefully forever, provided Laxman or Yuvi do not suffer any injuries.
Well, first they included him in test squad without any reason, then dropped him again without reason, so it clearly shows that all this was pre-planned.
"Bakrey ki maa kab tak khair manati.." ;-) no Dalmiya, so no Ganguly simple.
No worries, its good for him and the country.

Kumble has again showed why he is such a dangerous bowler at home, when Murli and Dilshan were complaining abt the SG balls, Kumble was busy taking wickets :-) Type of ball doesn't effects Kumble's style of bowling, give him any ball any day on any surface, he will not spin it :-) simple.

So far all seems to be on track, 'good job' Mr.Chappel.

Real test of nerves will be against Pakistan, they are on a high after morale boosting wins over England (though 3-2 score line is deceptive).
If we can contain Inzy and send back their openers early on, only then we stand a chance.

South Africa and Australia are playing boring cricket, I've never liked SA players, they r plain n bore (except Klusener/Rhodes/Brian MacMillan).
Rudolph played a commendable inning to save the match.

At last wifey is here, and still overcoming jetlag :-)
Probably on weekend, will go out n explore some places nearby!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Khaali hain tere bina dono aankhiyan...
tum gaye kahaan....
Aankhiyon ke aalon mein, tere bina raat bhar

jaalti hain baatiyan yahaan...

khali hain tere bina dono aankiyan,tum gaye kahaan.

doobta hai din toh shaam ko...saaye udtey hain, teri yaadein liyeee...

LAAKH din huey hain ke raat ko,aadhe chand se, teri baatein kiye...

yaad hai kya tujhe raaha ki berian wahaan
khaali hain tere bina dono aankhiyan,
tum gaye kahaan...........

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mixed Emotions!

Its totally different here...sab log ultey hai!!! Driving rules/postal rules/switchboards/door locks.

Now I'm days in this alien country, here in their official documents they use the word 'Alien' a lot, like in immigration form/ in W4 form for salary n tax calculation form/ in Social security number form only option for me to tick was 'Alien with lawful permission to work" .
But I call them aliens, WEIRD ALIENS :-)

Very dry people I must say, for me someone who has spent is whole life in shor-sharaba of Delhi this place is like ..i dunno i cannot even think of any comparison. Its sooooo shaaaant, na banda n parinda...specially on weekends.

I'm missing home, everything about home. Well, wifey will join me here on 19th, so I'm just waiting for her, only motivation to come to office, make meals etc etc is to pass time as quickly as possible and so that 19th comes soon.

Well, I'm not blaming the people here or cursing my decision to leave the "comfortable life" in India, I took that decision and I fully stand by it. At the same time One thing is very clear that this is not my kind of place.

And on top of it laptop crashed last Friday night :-( , and yaha koi "nehru place" bhi nahi hai :-( , softwares ka jugaad karna padhega..hmmmmm!!!!!

No worries, that’s what we call life!!!