Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dunno WHY?

Dunno Y watever work I do here becomes 'super-critical' and 'super-duper urgent'.

Dada is in again, dunno Y? Do they have place in Playing XI? or to accomodate him they can drop Gambhir n ask Yuvi/Dhoni/Pathan to open the inning. In any case Dada's inclusion will put unnecessary pressure on Gambhir/Jaffer/Yuvi/Laxman/Dhoni/Pathan :-) that’s more than half of team :-)

Best solution is to ask Dada to open, or in worse case play him in all matches in any position.... his career will automatically end :-)

Weekend update:

went to a temple at Livermore.
went to a weird place called 'Mystery Spot' near Santa Cruz.
went to Santa Cruz beach.
went to San Francisco downtown, Golden Gate etc.

hmmm..looking forward to another weekend :-)


Anonymous said...

Ganguly has a real test in this series.Its definite that he would play the first test as he is being asked to come after the ranji match and skip the practice match.
I understand this would put a lot of pressure on all the other performing players of Team india but I think we play well under pressure[remember yuvraj in second test] and I feel saurav should play every match in this series and hopefully he would fail so that the stupid crowd of a city which backs him can understand that team is above a player.

Prasad said...

so, testing time for Ganguly and also the Indian team... the Pak series is an important one... lets see... I don't want to predict anythign with Ganguly now.. cos whatever we might think, the one tht happens is always different.. so, lets wait n watch.. :)

have a nice weekend..
n Wish u a Happy New Year 2006 :)

manuscrypts said...

dunno.. but dont worry, you arent alone in that club!!

Pallavi said...

Good to know that you are going somewhere... LOL..

And wishing you a very happy new year

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family a fantastic New Year! - Boo.

Surinder said...

hey man ! happy new year ! :)

Rina said...

hey i just stumbled onto ur blog. its quite nice. havent read everything but read quite a few posts. like 93 things abt u .
will drop by again.
god bless.

Parth said...

Dada's whole issue has been so badly handled, there is no good solution anymore. I wonder if this single factor will affect the team so much that we will underperform against the Pakistani team.

Nupur said...

Best wishes for the New Year and great to know that ur MRs is finally there!!

Ab to ghoomna phirna hi hoga :D *hehehehe*

Take care you both - Enjoy!!

anumita said...

No update for long. Very busy I seee! Happy new year, Stone!!!

Debalina said...

Mere Dada pe aise Stones mat pheko!
Ok..bad one though!!
Happy New Year !!

Stone said...

@Amit:: :-) u surely have a grude or two against city of joys :-)
Well, u rightly said and he is playin...and hats off to Dravid for opening the inning n accomodating dada in over-crowded middle order.

@Prasad:: Happy new year wishes to u n ur loved ones!!
Truely, one cannot predict the ways of BCCI, they r just too innovative ;-)

@manuscrypts:: :-) now getting 're-used' to it ;-)

@Pallavi:: Hi, Happy new year :-)

@Boo:: Hii, Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year too!!!

@Surinder:: Hellooooooo, kaha ho yaar?? happy new year!!!!

@truth....the illusion:: Thanks for visiting, take care!

@Parth:: Definitely this will affect whole team's performance, I'm sure abt this.

@missnupur:: Yep, she is ghoomna phir shru :-) , u too take care!!!

@Anumita:: Hi, seriously band bajii huey hai, thats y no blogging only sloggin.

@Debalina:: Dada should learn from 'THE WALL' abt facing stones ;-)

Arunima said...

Can I confess something? I don't know why? I really like Saurabh Ganguly and even though logic says it is time he gets out of the team,I somehow wish he stays and performs.

Anonymous said...

Team is above emotions....

BTW i also agree saurav is a great guy
But every sun sets.
and its time for him to quit.

and an update on the Second Test match:
a complete dead pitch in first test saw sehwag and Dravid pile up runs and we just hope sehwag is back in form and rocks pakistan grounds.

I am guessing a specialist opener for second test: wasim jaffer.

n.g. said...

i dont like the way dada has been treated of late - in out and then in again. yes, he was rightly LEFT OUT, and not DROPPED, for the second test, because we played 5 bowlers. i'm a dada fan and he's gorgeous in front of the wicket, but i also agree that if he has to stay in the team he'll have to start making some runs. the dilemma is, that if he doesnt play, how'll he get those runs? having said that i'll be very surprised if he is played in karachi, seeing how well the current 11 have played in faislabad. more than anything else, dada needs some luck now. maybe yuvraj could fall ill, or something.

and safely, forget about him playing the one dayers. ill be very surprised if he does.