Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Yes, I do believe in God, I believe in miracles, I’ve full faith in HER.
There is someone somewhere who is guiding me, my actions, and cares for me; loves me unconditionally. I’m bad, manipulative but still I believe God loves me, SHE loves everybody, all HER good and bad children. At times, it is so relaxing to leave everything to HER, and let HER decide what is in favor of everybody.
Last night nephew(with his shoes on) kicked me hard at my mouth, for a moment I thought my left n right incisor are gone, luckily escaped with a swollen upper lip only.
Of course we were playing.
Shubha Mudgal rocks. Check out the music of Raincoat.
Here, atmosphere is bit tense, not tense exactly, it’s ‘extra-professional’ now a days as annual increment/promotion letters are being given, though I’m not expecting anything coz’ I got one such letter six months back.
Passing thought: If for an minute or for a second, we all stop visiting all religious places(mandirs/masjids/gurudwaras/churches/etc etc.) , then we stop going there for a week and then a month, this will reduce all religious places to mere ‘buildings’; I meant still believing in God but not visiting any religious place.
Conclusion- God is where, we choose HER to be.
Damn, my mailbox is flooded with pictures of tsunami disaster; people send the relief there rather than bombarding pictures again and again.

Monday, December 27, 2004

boring boring and boring.....

Sis: how much tax do u pay?
me: dunno, it gets deducted every month.
sis: u don't know how much is deducted.
me: no.
sis: kuch savings kari hai tax save karne ke liye.
me: nahi
sis: accha Pf kitna kat ta hai.
me: dunno.
sis: kitne saal se tax pay kar raha hai?
me: 5
sis: and kahi savings nahi kari?
me: nope.
sis: koi LIC?
me: yes.
sis: premium kitna hai?
me: hmmm..bhool gaya.


R: don't go to work tomorrow if u r not well.
Me: hmmm.
R: I know as usual, u r not listening.
me: hmm..nahhh, nothing like that, as usual I'm listening.
R: So..conclusion.
Me: ya, will assess my sitaution in morning n then decide.
R: Take a leave.
Me: hmmm.
R: wat hmm? kitni CL bachi hai?
me: dunno
R: kitni EL bachi hai?
me: dunno.
R: arre, sab lapse ho jayegee, encash hoti hai kya?
me: dunno.
R: don't talk to me.
me: hmmm.


bored, bored and bored, B-(
something seriously needs to be done.
there is so much to write but not feeling like writing anything.


Thursday, December 23, 2004


It all started with the lunch I had on monday, ever heard of subzi of "beans+mattar+mushrooms+shimla-mirch", yes my ma have this fancy of cooking all sort of weird combos, sometimes she even cooks "tori-paneer" or "tinda-paneer" or "methi-shimlamirch", but the monday lunch was too weird for me it consisted of all vegetables that I hate, so that left me in bad taste in all ways. In the evening played 7 consecutive games that left me fully drenched in sweat to the innermost of clothing, and remained so till late night.

Woke up with heaviness in head and scratchy throat, but since in the morning, mind is much pre-occupied to reach office on time, so only after some 1-2 hours at work realized the gravity of ailments but it was too late by that time, pain in eyes also started to contribute its share.
Well, in the afternoon had a nice lunch at "Taste of India" with a close friend(Vipul) who was in town for his Visa-appointment at US embassy.

Woke up at 11:30, :-) hahahaahaha....., spent whole day at home.
-- Reading blogs from home are not even as half much fun as compared to from office.
-- In all waking hours, mom gave me lecture....about getting married etc.
-- took a crocin and slept early.

Again there was some pain in throat, so quickly did a consequences-check if I take another day off, and I tell u if once the thought of taking a leave comes in my mind then I always manage to justify the leave; quickly message a friend to tell the boss abt my another leave.
-- watched match
-- checked mails
-- slept
-- checked mails

now feeling fully-fit and all set for tomorrow.

"Iss tez. dhoop mein bhi akele nahi tha main
ek saayaa mere aagey peechay daudhta raha

tanha tere khyaal ne rehne nahi diya "

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I’ve a dream, a dream of CLEAN India, clean from all malice. Free from clutches of dirty politicians.
I’ve a dream of people taking pride in being an Indian, I dream of people having a sense of belonging for their motherland.
I’ve a dream of people cultivating this sense of belonging, of realizing their responsibility towards nation.
I do not expect them to make Huge sacrifices or change their life style drastically or overdo their responsibilities or change everything overnight, I only expect them doing the basics, as they say when nothing is going right for you then try to stick to the basics and try.
I want to see people actually fighting the self-made evils; I just want every individual to do their act right.
I want to see people actually respecting the fellow human being, treating the others ‘normally’ without any disdain or hatred.
I want to see people following the laws and when need arises raising their voice against some weird out-dated laws.
I want to see people standing in queues in a civilized way.
I want to see people driving as per laws, coz one moron can cause traffic disruptions, resulting time-loss of hundreds.
I want to see people not to spit, litter on roads or using the nook and corner as their urinals, at least I expect this from educated people, but unfortunately here education doesn’t comes for rescue, most of the people I see doing all this look well off and well educated. Most disheartening is to see parents setting the wrong examples for their kids; all these small menace have become so much part of our life style that we do not see any wrong in doing so.
We all are so much self-absorbed in our small gains caring a damn for fellow countrymen; forget about the country.

Everybody does all sort of manipulations for their petty gains, manipulations like…..smuggled goods/liquor, fake bills, abetting audio/video piracy etc etc, we buy movie tickets in black, train tickets from touts without ever realizing once that there is someone who is at loss.
We cheat on the revenue earned by the Govt. in form of taxes and other levies, which in turn affects the development plans; Simple.
And the most common excuse increasing this rot is....”Sab kartey hai”, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

In the same manner as we go higher in ladder, the level of corruption increases, our leaders, industrialists engage in bigger and dirtier mal-practices without any opposition, and again there is a common loser.... our Country.

I know a lot of people who agree with all this but continue to do so, their argument; that we cannot survive in the existing structure/society without these practices, but who will correct the system? Who will stop the rot? I know, not everybody can join politics, but again someone has to take the call, to come forward. It is difficult but not impossible.
Yes, change is possible and my funda is to change myself first at individual level.
“Issi andhere se nikale gee ujaaley ki kiran..par shart hai ke hum intezaar karengey”
Another thing that disturbs me is the ‘lack of respect towards the fairer sex’. {will blurt out my anguish on this some other day.}

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Passing thought:: Why do people invite hurt?

After more than 6 months played any sport, last evening had lots of fun playing table-tennis after office hours, lost twice and won once, in all had satisfying time.

I reinforce it again, 24hours in a day are too less, there should be minimum 30 hrs.
I want sound sleep of 7 hours at least, I want to play more, study more and of course work more.

Found a neat site and downloaded “BullaKiJana” and “Ek haseen nigah ka dil pe saaya hai” :-)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

M a l e f a c t o r

{* will e d I t it soon *}

  • I submit fake medical and phone bills.
  • I submit fake rent-receipts to save tax on HRA.
  • I purchase pirated music in form of MP3s.
  • I break signal whenever there is no traffic on the road.
  • Recently I bribed the traffic-cop when he stopped me for breaking the signal.
  • Sometimes I throw toffee-wrappers and bus-tickets on road, consciously-mistakenly.
  • Whenever I pay my bills after the due date I mark the cheques with an earlier date.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


  • We lost two matches in two days, 4-0 and 5-4, and our captain still thinks there is a hope for bronze, ridiculous.
  • A successful coach (Rajinder Singh, incidentally he was coach of my school team some 10 yrs back) was sacked just 3 weeks before Olympics. Ridiculous.
  • Some unknown German grabs the chief coach position in such a short notice. This tells about of his credibility. Ridiculous.
  • IHF sacks top players (Dhanraj and Dhillon) just before Olympics and after media hue-cry they recalled them just to humiliate them further by resting them on bench for most part of games; and again sacked them after Olympics.
  • Again before Indo-Pak series, the new coach sacks top 3 stars without stating any reasons, and this current team doesn't have a 'forward-line', can anyone tell me who played at right wing in last two matches?
  • Is there any logic behind the selection of 'Adam Sinclair, Vinay or (was that Hari) ' over brilliance of Gagan Ajit, Deepak Thakur (incidentally they both are product of my alma mater)
  • And the strategy of long-passes as opposed to our traditional short-passes has proved to be last nail in the coffin.


Cristiano Junior died coz' of unnecessary aggressive tackling, lets hope federation bans that wild goalkeeper for life.

May his soul rest in peace.


At workfront , not much happening, client is still in process of finalizing feature set for version 4.1 and me struggling with migration from VSS to P4.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


"She stood out among the group of hostel-girls, she came out of curiosity about her new class mates, sparkle on her face clearly depicted that. Everybody was dressed normally for the very first time, I mean dressed normally after wearing funny clothes during month-long ragging. She too was nicely dressed but most striking feature was her nose-pin. She was completely self-conscious; conscious of her looks, her words and the impression she was making on rest of us. Evidently she considered herself pretty and yes, rightly so. She gave an impression of an ambitious girl, her over-confidence was bordering on whiff of arrogance……….. I found her vulnerable."

First impression can't go more wrong than this.


  • She uses horn more than brake while driving; seems to have some basic problem abt the role of two.
  • The second best thing I like about her is her ability to make people at ease.
  • She is an excellent listener (did i say of her own voice, kidding).
  • She wore a red colour pullover on her B'day in 1996.
  • I hated her for making fun of me in front of everybody by making me dance to the song 'Yaara O' yaar..milna hamara..'
  • Once I passed her a chit during "Ramus" lecture .."Yeh zulf itne haseen kaise?" and she shot back "Mom gifted"
  • She is a permanent resident in my book of people I truly admire. thing..of course her nose-pin.

Once she sang her heart out..."Chain se hum ko kabhee, aap ne jeene naa diyaa...." and ended up leaving lot many hearts "be-chain"..forever for a long time.

Dear Ginny, I might be on leave tomorrow, so here are the wishes two days early.