Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Passing thought:: Why do people invite hurt?

After more than 6 months played any sport, last evening had lots of fun playing table-tennis after office hours, lost twice and won once, in all had satisfying time.

I reinforce it again, 24hours in a day are too less, there should be minimum 30 hrs.
I want sound sleep of 7 hours at least, I want to play more, study more and of course work more.

Found a neat site www.coolgoose.com and downloaded “BullaKiJana” and “Ek haseen nigah ka dil pe saaya hai” :-)


Pallavi said...

yes yes I know about coolgoose.. I call it Thanda Buttock hahahahaha ... (for thandabatak).... LOLOL sorry if it offends you.. am in a wicked frame of mind LOLOLOL

Pallavi said...

and people invite hurt coz they must have hurt that entity at some point or the other and sometimes its a lesson that the person needs to learn through the hurt... SIGH !!

shub said...

aye aye coolgpoose, now blocked in office :(

Reshma Sanyal said...

You can also try www.apniisp.com for the latest Hindi film songs. Coolgoose is very cool too :-)

Akruti said...

Hmm,30hrs,ok,i will also take it,and only 7hrs pal,not fair,it should be atleast 8hrs sleep na:)
and thanks for the link,me downloading the songs now,:)

manuscrypts said...

played cricket last weekend after 3 years, body is still in protest mode!! :(

Stone said...

@Pallavi:: I liked that...Thanda Buttock LOLOLOL :))
@shub:: Try the other link suggested by Reshma or theres another weird link called www.janubaba.com :-)
@Reshma:: Hey thanks for the link.
@Neelima:: 7 or 8 almost same, same struglle to get up in the morning :-) , thanks for the advise pal.
@Manu:: hahaha, I know how it feels, but don't stop now, play regularly :-)