Friday, October 15, 2004

I am a Gemini.

I am a Gemini. (Also known as "Twins") My Horror-scope starts like this:

" Eternally childish - both intellectually and emotionally, a Gemini simply refuses to grow up, and will often mooch of off someone until old age.

His only true passion is pointless chatter, which he has mastered to perfection. A Gemini can talk for hours without ever getting to the point.

He reads little, but has an opinion on every issue - even though he will change it about a dozen times a week. It is not uncommon for a Gemini to become an actor or at least a "writer".

Geminis can't stand stress - neither physical nor mental.

Even though a Gemini loves to entertain guests, at best, he will have nothing more to offer than soda and chips. Usually though, it's just his endless and pointless ramblings. "

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