Friday, October 12, 2007

Something Fishy

Despite his numerous outbursts against the board, he was included in the side for one last time, and all he needed were just 20 runs to become Pakistan's highest run scorer ever.

And what he did, in first inning scored just 14, and in second he lasted just two balls, got out in most careless (sic) manner...and in end fell 3 runs short of breaking the record.

How can he be so careless, when he knew that he was recalled just for record's sake....still he played that way......may be current-record holder's son's father-in-law has something to do with all this tamasha :-)

Some rough calculations in support of above mentioned thought.

1) SA set a target of 456 runs to win.

2) At end of 4th day's play Pak was 108/1 in 31 overs

3) On 5th day Pak needed 348 runs from 90 overs at 3.86

4) Inzy comes to bat in 59th over of final day, score was 265 and Pak needed another 192 in 31 over at 6.12 runs per over.

5) Inzy needed just 6 runs to become highest run scorer, and he got out on second ball that too in a very very careless manner.

And excuse he gave for that shot was sillier, he said he wanted to play aggressively and win the game one last time.
For a moment agreed he wanted to win, but he could have easily made 3 more runs before playing 'aggressively' (read stupidly).

No sane person/team will try to score 6.12 runs per over on final day of play.

Watch this clip, and judge yourself, how he got out, and reacted in dressing room afterwards.

Good b(ye)hai - "Inzy"-Bhai ;-)