Monday, April 30, 2007

Fitting end to agonizingly long and boring world cup, only 3 matches out of 51, were competitive (though two of them hardly had any effect on table standings), and rest were hugely disappointing one-sided affairs.


Saturday night on a major freeway interchange a truck carrying 8300 gallons of petrol overturned and caught fire, resulting heat weakened the part of one overpass, crumpling it onto another. These huge trucks always scare me, yes they do, and I’ve seen many mindless truck drivers tailgating, speeding, and zigzagging on freeways as if they are driving a sports car.
Damn, now it'll take at least 2 months and 20 millions dollars to repair the damaged freeway, caused by truck carrying $30,000 worth of petrol. Now, probably Arnie will have to re-adjust his budget allocations, or will introduce a hidden tax, and living in a county with highest sales tax in US doesn't help either :-(

Try this prank with your co-workers, press left alt + left ctrl + print screen on their computer while they aren't watching, press enter and see how long it takes them to work out how to reset it.