Tuesday, May 29, 2007


--- I'm a sports freak, though don't play as much I'd like to but still watch any damn sport they show on TV, ohh yes....no Golf plz, and my current obsession is NBA play-offs, first I was cheering for the local team Warriors, after their loss in Semis to Jazz, I'm hooting for Spurs to win Western Conference finals. That doesn't mean I miss Piston-Cavaliers’ action :-)
At times, delve too much and start discussing time-out strategies with wifey, someday I'm sure she'll break TV or my teeth or both!

--- managed to to catch some French open action before rain washed away the day, game between huge Serena and petite Pironkova, Pironkova ranked 95 fought hard for each and every point, and her forehand was fantastic, I guess she was lil low in stamina and that cost her the match.
Well, to someone who grew up watching Martina-Chris Evert contests, with occasional Pam Shriver or Gina Garrison thrown-in, this was an eye opener, man this game is changing so rapidly.....anyone can beat anyone!!!
Anyways my money is on Justine Henin lest some Russian babe derails her, though I sorely miss heartbroken Kim Clisters, and wanna write more about her but..... but ...wifey reads this blog :-(

--- in men's section, would like to see Baghdatis or Davydenko to spoil another Nadal/Federer party!

--- Ahh another nice guy bows out, may be just like Lehmann he too born in the wrong era!

--- Last night a family friend visited us for a 'planned' dinner, but his wife ended up cooking, while I enlightened him with intricacies’ of Basketball.

--- Well, wifey’s birthday is approaching fast, though to girls most useless gifts (flowers/teddy bear eeksss...) makes most likeable ones, I always advise people to go for them, but in own case as usual ‘m clueless, what to do….jewellery/fragrances/shades/literature…. ahh this world is too materialistic B-(

--- See, in this whole post, I didn’t mention a word about cricket :-)